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Is It "Kimonos" or "Kimono"? Searching for Authentic Japanese Kimonas, Kimono?

November 07, 2022 Yoko Lewis

WHAT'S THIS PAGE? Over the years, we've been asked more than once, "Is it kimonos (with an s), or kimono when describing more than one kimono?". So, we put a little light-hearted page together sharing our use of the terms, HERE.

"Kimono Rebellion" Kimono Exhibition,Globus Washitsu,New York City, Nov 4 - 8, 2022

October 20, 2022 Yoko Lewis

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Globus Washitsu Announces Special in-person Event: Kimono Rebellion - Kimono Exhibition Preview VideoWorld Premiere of Seijinshiki (Coming of Age) Kimono by the House of MIyabi - which is sweeping the youth of JapanFree admission  Fri, Nov 4 at 12 PM to Tue, Nov 8 at 6 PM Details about Invitation etc.: HERE.

YokoDana Kimono's New Discounted International Shipping via GlobalPost

September 24, 2022 Yoko Lewis

We offer discounted shipping rates for our international customers using GlobalPost ( GoGlobalPost.com).

Customer Showcase: Blouse Made With Yokodana.com Silk Juban Fabric

July 09, 2022 Yoko Lewis

July 9, 2022: Updated Customer Showcase -- Blouse From Juban silk A customer from Virginia (USA) recently sent us some pictures of a top that she made using some nagajuban fabric she got on our site. She also added some details of her creative process. So, since we know that many visitors to yokodana.com are what we lovingly call, "creative types", we thought we'd share it on our website's Customer Showcase page.You can view all the showcases HERE. To see this showcase please click-push HERE.

Creative Uses of Vintage Japanese Kimono Fabrics from YokoDana.com(Lampshades)

June 08, 2022 Yoko Lewis

We are fortunate indeed that here at yokodana.com we regularly receive lovely emails from customers telling us how they liked an order, and often describing how they used our fabrics (either purchased via our Bulk Kimono Packages ,or , in our Fabrics-by-pieces section) in a creative project. Above and below are pictures we recently received from a USA customer in New York(State). Here's what she wrote to us explaining what she did in making 2 lampshades from both whole kimonos and fabrics bought by piece/yard:  Dear YokoDana , I have been buying your various bundles of kimono, juban and haori jackets. I...