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Spring Parade of Kimono: University Graduates (TokyoBling Blog, 2012)

April 07, 2021 Yoko Lewis

 Interesting use of hakama....and boots! The college school year in Japan ends in March. We recently came across pictures of graduates from Nihon Daigaku (Japan University) in a blog from tokyobling.wordpress.com, from May, 2012. Thought our visitors might enjoy seeing how Japanese youth of today adapt their use of traditional kimono wear(kitsuke).(scroll down for more....)  Here's a brief excerpt from that blog: Posted in "Japanese Traditions, People, Places" by tokyobling on May 24, 2012: In March, the traditional month for all university graduations in Japan, I happened to be in Tokyo’s Kudanshita district, just near the Budokan in the Kitamaru...

Ohshima Tsumugi Mura: Pics-Info - Ohshima Tsumugi Making in 2021 Japan

April 03, 2021 Yoko Lewis

Amami Ohshima Tsumugi Sightseeing GardenAmami Ohshima Island, Japan Ohshima Tsumugi-Mura: Contemporary Maker on Amami Ohshima Island, Japan, 2021 What's this about? In our routine searches for images and information about the vintage Japanese textiles we sell, we came across a Japanese language website which is somewhat of a tourist (Sightseeing) destination on Amami Ohshima island in Japan, the place where various mud and plant-based pongee silk fabrics have been made by hand for centuries. We were happy that they have an English version of this website, and were equally pleased to see some information and pictures of the making of...

Wall Hanging Handmade from YokoDana's antique/vintage Asa (Hemp)

February 26, 2021 Yoko Lewis

One of the joys we experience in selling beautiful vintage and antique Japanese fabrics is to see the endless ways that our customers use them creatively. We were delighted when Lisa, a long-time customer of yokodana.com, sent us the above  picture with an email explaining how she made the wall hanging using YokoDana's asa(hemp) fabrics . We loved what she did with her fabrics and thank her for letting us share it here. Here's her letter to us:  Hi Yoko,I started a project wall-hanging almost a year ago, with 3 panels of a sheer Asa in a fabulous MCM pattern. There...

Announcement: YokoDana.com Accepting Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin

February 11, 2021 Yoko Lewis

We now accept payments using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin   Litecoin Ethereum Bitcoin Cash Dai US Dollar Coin    To learn more, please visit our information page HERE.

Getamashi: YokoDana's Web Site Review Hand-made Geta

February 03, 2021 Yoko Lewis

Website Review:  www.getamashi.com   BACKGROUND: Since we started yokodana.com in 1998 we have tried to share with our visitors and customers whenever we find quality sites relevant to the themes of our own website. In fact, we have a dedicated page where we keep a running list of such sites and resources HERE.  For a number of years in the 00's, until about 2015, we had a link to a USA woodwork company that made beautiful kimono lacquered display stands at an excellent price; also, in that same time frame we had recommended a Japan-based Geta-maker that was recommended to us by some of our...