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Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3) Holiday,Kimonos 2019 in Kyushu: Family Pics

November 11, 2019 Yoko Lewis

Shichi-Go-San Kimonos -- Family Pics 2019 Above and below areYokoDana Kimono's ( owner Yoko Lewis' Nieces' children dressed for Shichi-Go-San at our local shrine in Yamaga, Japan. We love this picture for several reasons: First, because of the fact that the three ages (7,5,3) are represented, and, a boy cousin not in kimono squatted to get in the picture; Second, the tallest girl in the center is wearing a very old vintage kimono which has been in the family for several generations, topped with a beret, earrings, a lace shawl, and leather boots instead of zori; and third, the two smaller...

Meisen: The Funky Kimono (

November 09, 2019 Yoko Lewis

We saw this recently and love this picture of all aged women wearing their "funky" meisen kimonos, posted on a Japanese travel website 2019 Sample Picture of "Funky Kimono" Meisen Wearers (Picture: Wonderland Japan, ) To learn about our bulk packages of these kinds of Meisen Silk kimonos from the 1950s and earlier, please visit HERE.

Creative Kitsuke --Retro Kimono: Anji Salz in Tokyo (Facebook)

November 04, 2019 Dana Lewis

Saw this remarkable picture on a Facebook group, and just love it:    From Anji Salz (Tokyo) Facebook: Long time no Nihongami 👘💫I took inspiration from Edo period ukiyo-e and then layered two antique kimono over my red silk juban.Each kimono is only tied with one koshihimo tie!! No unnecessary stuff like nowadays. The obi is also tied with no string at all - and I’m telling you:THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE I’VE EVER BEEN IN KIMONO 👘😱🤭❤️ Anji's main facebook page:

Special Rare Japanese Vintage Kimono Fabrics by-Piece Updates

October 30, 2019 Yoko Lewis

Recent store update on October 30, 2019: Announcing more fabrics added to our fabrics-by-piece or yard section, including this 1930's Kinsha silk with unusual kokeshi-doll motif shown below; Link to most recently added pieces HERE: 5866: 1930's Kinsha Silk by Piece (Kokeshi Dolls) Link to most recently added pieces HERE:

Customer Showcase: Textile Artist Christine Williams - Organza Appliqués

October 29, 2019 Yoko Lewis

  Christine Williams Organza Appliqués NOTE: We like to share on our web site when people have creatively used our vintage Japanese kimono fabrics in their artistic work. Christine Williams of California (USA) sent us some sample pictures of how she had used our vintage kimono fabrics so we asked her to tell us about the pictures and anything about them she cared to share. Yoko Lewis  Back Story: Since 1998 we have been frequently amazed -- and impressed -- with the varied ways in which folks creatively use our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics. In fact, we have been keeping a running list of them HERE.  Actually,...