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Cameroonian & Japanese Designer Project: Stunning Kimonos with African Fabric

January 23, 2019 Yoko Lewis

We came across some stunning kimonos made with African fabrics on Facebook and followed links to  posted some wonderful pictures on Facebook. Their website explains these kimonos on the website (View more pics HERE) Cameroonian Serge Mouangue and Japanese kimono designer Kururi have successfully blended both culture’s aesthetics in the new line of kimonos by making use of Africa’s striking motifs and colorful patterns.  

Blog Review: Spoon & Tamago, In Praise of Johnny Waldman

January 13, 2019 Dana Lewis

  BACKGROUND STORY:Here at YokoDana Kimono we like to keep our fans, followers and customers informed of cool or interesting things we find relevant to themes of our website. As part of that process, we routinely scour the web for new talent or fresh eyes on old subjects. Last year we came across the Spoon & Tamago (S&T) blog and were struck by its excellent visuals and superior information around themes of Japanese culture and design aesthetics. We decided to pen this review because we feel that Spoon & Tamago stands in stark contrast to the often (to us) inane flood...

NHK Video Sept1.2018: Kimono Revolution (49min)

January 05, 2019 Yoko Lewis

Not sure if this has been spread around yet, we came across it again and think our visitors / fans who love kimono might find this video very interesting. It is from NHK (the PBS / NPR of Japan, only in Japan NHK is well-funded with a great budget from the government, thus extensive programming) From NHK: English 49 minute video on-demand at: KIMONO REVOLUTION Broadcast on September 1, 2018:Yoshimasa Takakura, a kimono shop owner from Fukuoka Prefecture has launched an unprecedented project: to produce elaborate kimono representing every single one of the 206 countries and regions around the world. His...

Holiday Shipping Schedule at YokoDana Kimono -- Happy New Year 2019

December 28, 2018 Dana Lewis

We are closed for the holidays, returning January 3rd, 2019. We will resume shipments at that time. Of course our website is open 24/7/365 for orders and we receive emails and messages daily in case anyone has a question about something while we're closed. Also,  all orders received during our absence will be processed in order received and we'll email expected shipment dates as soon as we can.  Also, we invite you to please check back in with us  after the first of the year, as we'll be having a New Year's sale of our vintage kimono fabrics by yard...

What is this? Facebook Forum Query -- Introducing Kateigi House Jacket

November 10, 2018 Yoko Lewis

Came across the above on a Facebook group for Kimono Sellers, asking what it is. Since we have these fairly often, and have one on hand now, thought we'd put up a brief reply. This is called a Kateigi, or, in katakana, 'ho-mu-ko-to" (home coat); we might call it a home or work jacket for women. It resembles jinbei, but those are traditionally work jackets for men (more recently, now can be uni-sex work jackets); Jinbei have a different, more rectangular, cut to the sleeves. Here at we have fabric for making a Kateigi  and show below the label and...