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Happy New Year 2020 -- We're back from holiday!

January 14, 2020 Yoko Lewis

Family Pictures: Girls' Ceremonial Kimonos  Well, we're finally back to our normal schedule, after having given ourselves an unusually long (for us) vacation over the holidays. We have caught up with all orders received during our being away and off-grid. Thanks to all who waited so patiently while we rested and recuperated -- so we're all re-charged and looking forward to another great year on! Here's what's going on with us as we slide into 2020: 1. Venues: We are resuming preparations for our two 2020 spring venues at Cherry Blossom Festivals in Philadelphia and New York City (Brooklyn...

Announcement: Cotton 5 Pound Package Discontinued

December 11, 2019 Dana Lewis

 ANNOUNCEMENT, December 10, 2019: Product 110-CTN-5 discontinued Background story: For years we have been offering special packages of excellent older Japanese cotton fabrics in by-pound lots. Our product has been a five or ten-pound collection of mixed vintage / antique Japanese cottons, including furoshiki, kasuri, kimono and varies remnants sold as our product # 110-CTN-5 . Unfortunately, due to the extremely long wait-times for this product (months), as well as the ever-decreasing availability of these type fabrics in Japan, we are discontinuing this product.  This trend started a few years ago in Japan when we found that the better pieces we had been finding in good volume...

Holiday Sales Discounts: 1950's Meisen & Ohshima Tsumugi 10lbs

December 05, 2019 Yoko Lewis


While supplies last--

Sale Prices on the following bulk kimono packages:

Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3) Holiday,Kimonos 2019 in Kyushu: Family Pics

November 11, 2019 Yoko Lewis

Shichi-Go-San Kimonos -- Family Pics 2019 Above and below areYokoDana Kimono's ( owner Yoko Lewis' Nieces' children dressed for Shichi-Go-San at our local shrine in Yamaga, Japan. We love this picture for several reasons: First, because of the fact that the three ages (7,5,3) are represented, and, a boy cousin not in kimono squatted to get in the picture; Second, the tallest girl in the center is wearing a very old vintage kimono which has been in the family for several generations, topped with a beret, earrings, a lace shawl, and leather boots instead of zori; and third, the two smaller...

Meisen: The Funky Kimono (

November 09, 2019 Yoko Lewis

We saw this recently and love this picture of all aged women wearing their "funky" meisen kimonos, posted on a Japanese travel website 2019 Sample Picture of "Funky Kimono" Meisen Wearers (Picture: Wonderland Japan, ) To learn about our bulk packages of these kinds of Meisen Silk kimonos from the 1950s and earlier, please visit HERE.