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2020 Olympics Closing Ceremony Highlights Fashionable Use of Hakama

August 09, 2021 Yoko Lewis

This past spring(2021) we posted a blog about the trend among young college-aged Japanese women to wear women's hakama over a formal kimono at graduation time and other special occasions. (Above image: hakama-bijin.com) During the closing ceremonies of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics we were surprised - and pleased - to see this fashion trend among young women in Japan being showcased as part of the final ceremonies . Below we share pictures of  Olympics kimonos-with-hakama from various public media sources (also, note the footwear types): Below: Other Types of Kimono on Display During 2020 Olympics Closing Ceremonies Lastly, as...

9th Annual Philadelphia Obon Festival at Shofuso (japanphilly.org)

August 09, 2021 Yoko Lewis

Above: 2021 Obon Lantern Floating Ceremony / Virtual Marketplace FYI from Japanphilly.org about this summer's Obon festival plans:  The 9th annual Philadelphia Obon Festival continues a new Shofuso tradition, born out of the hardships of the previous year, to light lanterns and float them on Shofuso’s pond dedicated to those no longer with us. The Registered participants can launch floating lanterns on Shofuso’s pond. Obon is a series of events in Japan that enshrine the spirits of ancestors in the summer that are based on Buddhism and Ancestral worship. Typically, in Japan, between August 13-15 (depending on the region), people...

DenDen Daiko: Japanese Kimono Cultural Information, Newborn's First Shrine Visit

June 17, 2021 Yoko Lewis

Japanese Kimono Culture: It is a long-standing tradition in Japan that soon after a baby is born they must be taken to the local Shrine (Shinto). The child is wrapped in a special garment and wrap, and -- at least in the old days when I was growing up -- a denden taiko was sewn to the baby's kimono and the infant was presented by parents for prayers at the Shrine. Explanation of deeper meanings, omote to ura, etc.....

Nipponica: Web-Japan.org Special Issue on Japanese Fabrics + more

May 30, 2021 Yoko Lewis

What is this? We happened upon this old web magazine article on web-japan.org, a cultural site run by the Japanese government. It featured a Niponica web magazine article from 2013 that we're sure is of interest to many of our visitors and customers. It's banner header is:   Japanese Fabrics Have Their Global Reputation Wrapped Up Topics Listed: How to Wrap Something in a FuroshikiTextiles and JapanDyeing and WeavingModern Fabrics for Today's LifestylesJapanese High-Tech Textiles Circle the World, and BeyondCloth Signs Add Color to Urban LandscapesTasty Japan: Time to Eat! Inari-zushiStrolling Japan: Okinawa, Islands of ClothSouvenirs of Japan: Furoshiki Cloth for...

COVID UPDATE: YokoDana.com's Bulk Kimono Supplies Status, New Bulk Packages

May 15, 2021 Yoko Lewis

(Image: wattention.com) YOKODANA.COM STATUS UPDATEMay 15, 2021Questions we're being asked lately: 1. Question: Is YokoDana still bringing in vintage bulk kimonos and fabrics from Japan during COVID?   Our Answer: We hope this finds you well and coping during the Pandemic. It's been a year like no other, but we're happy to report that in spite of the Pandemic, we and ours are well and we continue to gather vintage kimonos and fabrics in Japan. However, due to continuing COVID restrictions there, as well as the on-going effect on global and USA inland shipping, we simply are not getting our re-supply shipments...