Wholesale Vintage Japanese Kimono Garments by Weight(Pound)

Since 1998 we sell authentic traditional vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics  wholesale by the pound for artists and artisans, crafters, designers, theatre troupes, Anime and Otaku cosplay costumers, quilters and other small businesses worldwide. Our main product is these bulk vintage (used / recycled / upcycled) kimono packages by pound (10lbs and up) featured in this collection.

Our customers come from a wide range of creative arts worldwide: we serve quilters, textile & multimedia artists, USA and international dress, fashion and accessory designers as well as furniture makers, interior decorators, dollmakers, couturiers and many other specialty niche artists;

We also sell to other small businesses, shops and entrepeneurs around the world who take our bulk kimonos apart and  upcycle or re-sell them in various modalities.

Before going to the specifics of each package below, we strongly recommend that first time buyers learn more about all of our wholesale bulk kimono packages by first visiting our info page here.