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July 10, 2018 Yoko Lewis

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References to this series of web pages have been showing up in several places on Facebook and elsewhere, so we tracked it down and it turns out to be a remarkably detailed website with multiple pages and instructions on "How to Make a Yukata", by Amparo Bertram, apparently while a student of University of Michigan and living in Japan. 

As we are not makers of kimono ourselves, not sure if we should recommend this site, but the sources cited lend it credibility.

As so many of our customers and fans are into this sort of information, we wanted to share it here. Later we'll probably put it into the appropriate FAQ section of our website, hopefully with some expert opinions of others as to its quality as a source.

Below is the introduction text on the author's main page on umich.edu:


How To Make a Yukata

Amparo Bertram

This guide is written based mainly on my experience making a yukata under the guidance of a Japanese high school sewing instructor. Other sources include:

The Japanese site Orijinaru Yukata o Tsukurou (Let's Make an Original Yukata).
A handwritten publication entitled Wasai Text: Oodachi Onnamono Hitoe Nagagi Hen (Japanese Sewing Text: General Unlined Women's Long Garment Edition) made for Moriyama Girls' High School.

The book Jibun de Tsukureru Yukata, Jimbei, Komono (Yukata, Jimbei, and Accessories You Can Make Yourself), "Lady Boutique Series" #2285

Sections:  [Completed Garment Measurements], [Alteration Options], [Pattern Matching I], [Cutting the Garment Pieces], [Pattern Matching II]

URL: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~weyrbrat/Japan/yukata/


So, for those of you with expertise in such things, please let us know (in comment here or by email/contact button) what you think of this guide to making a yukata. It is replete with links and very detailed instructions. Let us know if you would recommend this page or not, and we can add ratings to the page when we put it as a permanent item in our website FAQ pages.

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