Family Photos in Japan 2020 -- Kimono: Old Yet New

March 06, 2020 Yoko Lewis

Below we are excerpting here some pictures and comments from our Furusato--Hometown page of this site. We post these here to share how Japanese of today are honoring traditional customs and still doing so with modern twists. Pay special attention to the kimonos and accessories particularly of the girls in these various photos, blending old and new creatively.

YokoDana Kimono Owner's Family Photos
Japan: 2020

Yoko's nephew's family photo
Above -- YokoDana.com's Owner's Nephew's Family: 

Note the twins in blue hifu  (Hifu is a special hand-made vest for age 3 of Shichi-Go-San Celebration); Hifu Buttons are handmade using the same fabric. Flower buttons are Tsumami-zaiku crafted by Aunt Honami Nakashima, master level kimono-maker; Note also how the traditional and modern are blended together in all these family photos on this page.
Yoko's niece's family in Kumamoto

Above: YokoDana.com's Owner's Niece's Family

Mana-chan, First Grade Phot

Above: YokoDana.com's Owner's Niece's  Oldest, Mana-chan, First Grade Picture

It is a time for the new school year in Japan. School starts in cherry blossom season, April every year. Yoko’s nieces girl Mana is ready For the 1st grade. She is wearing a kimono and hakama. The selection of this is very interesting: Traditional and modern are mixed very well. All the accessories are supplied by the studio. It is very common to get pictures taken professionally in Japan.This was taken by the Royal Photo Studio in Kumamoto Japan. 

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