Nipponica: Web-Japan.org Special Issue on Japanese Fabrics + more

May 30, 2021 Yoko Lewis

niponica - web-japan.org web magazine

What is this?

We happened upon this old web magazine article on web-japan.org, a cultural site run by the Japanese government. It featured a Niponica web magazine article from 2013 that we're sure is of interest to many of our visitors and customers. It's banner header is:  

Japanese Fabrics Have Their Global Reputation Wrapped Up

Topics Listed:

How to Wrap Something in a Furoshiki

Textiles and Japan

Dyeing and Weaving

Modern Fabrics for Today's Lifestyles

Japanese High-Tech Textiles Circle the World, and Beyond

Cloth Signs Add Color to Urban Landscapes

Tasty Japan: Time to Eat! Inari-zushi

Strolling Japan: Okinawa, Islands of Cloth

Souvenirs of Japan: Furoshiki Cloth for Wrapping Things

To see the Niponica start page with links to all these articles please visit Niponica issue 11 (2013) HERE.


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