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What's New on YokoDana.com?


(Accepting Waitlist Requests for "A" Package Due to High Demand)
  •  May 26, 2024: Added the following bulk kimono packages and filling back-orders -

    • Blog post, April 6, 2024:

    Inspiring Quilts from YokoDana Kimono’s Upcycled Vintage Japanese Fabrics: Jane’s Story


      Haori-Himo: 12 Pairs Vintage Silk Braided Haori Ties

      More Purses added  --  But Only 1 LEFT :
        New Handmade (by us in Japan) One-of-a-Kind Products:

        :Clutch Bag Hand Made from Our Own 1930s-1950s kimono silks

        7583-6: 1930s Silk Purse Clutch, flap side(Last One) 
        7583-6: Our Hand Made Clutch Bag/Purse,


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