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What's New on YokoDana.com?


April 15, 2024:

April 15, 2024: Added the following bulk kimono packages today:

 April 14, 2024: Added the following bulk kimono packages today:

Curious about our 'Sold-Out' BULK KIMONO PACKAGES?

Here's the backstory:

Lately, we've been inundated with inquiries about our seemingly elusive bulk kimono packages. Let us shed some light on the situation:

Despite appearances, we actually have a steady supply of these packages readily available. However, due to overwhelming demand, they tend to sell as soon as they're restocked on our web store. Additionally, we prioritize fulfilling back-orders and waitlist requests from our loyal commercial customers before making inventory available online. With only a limited number of packages processed each day, it's no wonder they often appear as 'sold out.'

If you're eager to purchase one of our bulk kimono packages, simply reach out to us with your desired package and quantity. We truly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding during this high-demand period.

For a comprehensive list of all our past packages, visit our master list on yokodana.com HERE .


    • Blog post, April 6, 2024:

    Inspiring Quilts from YokoDana Kimono’s Upcycled Vintage Japanese Fabrics: Jane’s Story


      Haori-Himo: 12 Pairs Vintage Silk Braided Haori Ties

      More Purses added  --  But Only 1 LEFT :
        New Handmade (by us in Japan) One-of-a-Kind Products:

        :Clutch Bag Hand Made from Our Own 1930s-1950s kimono silks

        7583-6: 1930s Silk Purse Clutch, flap side(Last One) 
        7583-6: Our Hand Made Clutch Bag/Purse,


        HANDY LINKS:

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