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Yoko Lewis, dba YokoDana Kimono

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Who is YokoDana Kimono?

 Yoko Lewis, doing business as YokoDana Kimono (and Yoko Trading) has been in business since 1989 and online since 1998 as a Japanese kimono and textiles dealer. We sell authentic traditional vintage Japanese kimono wholesale by pound as well as traditional vintage Japanese kimono fabrics (fabric pieces & kimono scraps bundles) for artists and artisans, crafters, designers, decorators,  theater troupes, kimono cosplay and kitsuke enthusiasts, quilters and other small businesses worldwide.

Our main product since 1998 is our bulk vintage Japanese kimono packages by pound (Used, Recycled kimono bundles,10lbs and up) sold on this website. We also carry antique & vintage Japanese kimono fabrics by the yard, country Japanese antique textiles (tsutsugaki) and kimono accessories. With offices in Japan and Delaware, USA, we have customers all over the world and in all 50 US states.

At select venues throughout the year in the Northeast Corridor USA we sell our best vintage Japanese fabrics by piece, individual vintage kimono, haori, michiyuki, yukata, hakama and our own hand-made accessories (kanzashi, hair sticks, hairpins, scarves etc.).


We have an office in Japan as well as our main office in Delaware; we ship from the USA office. See our ABOUT US page (tab at top of every page) for our full story. We are happy to share the special beauty of traditional Japanese kimono, Japanese fabrics and country textiles with people all over the world via this web site.  Irrashaimase -- Welcome and Enjoy!

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