Wall Hanging Handmade from YokoDana's antique/vintage Asa (Hemp)

February 26, 2021 Yoko Lewis

Right side, handmade Asa wall-hanging
One of the joys we experience in selling beautiful vintage and antique Japanese fabrics is to see the endless ways that our customers use them creatively. We were delighted when Lisa, a long-time customer of yokodana.com, sent us the above  picture with an email explaining how she made the wall hanging using YokoDana's asa(hemp) fabrics . We loved what she did with her fabrics and thank her for letting us share it here.

Here's her letter to us:

 Hi Yoko,

I started a project wall-hanging almost a year ago, with 3 panels of a sheer Asa in a fabulous MCM pattern. There were some skips and tears that would have shown up against a light wall. Patiently scouring your website, I found success with my most recent purchase of similar sheer weight, dark Asa panels. I lightly backed one against the other with a running silk thread. The darker one peeks out below like a lady’s slip.
We are so delighted to have finished off our living room with this unique feature.
Best, Lisa

(Natick, Massachusetts, USA)

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