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General Information:

We have been in the export-import business since 1989. Over the years we have shipped to many countries so have experience with the procedural variations found in different countries. The following FAQ have been accumulated and reflect the sorts of questions we get concerning shipping our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics worldwide. If you have a new question, please send it to us via our webmail page HERE.

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SHIPPING OPTIONS, US Postal Serice, FedEx Ground & DHL International:

US Postal Service (USPS) Changes: In Effect as of March 6, 2017

1. US Postal Service(USPS) Rates:


The most recent rate changes by the US Postal Service have resulted in dramatic changes to our shipping options for USA customers. As a result of these USPS changes we have added a much less expensive shipping option using FedEx Ground(tm)  which our USA customers can choose when USPS Postage is too high. Details on FedEx Ground options are below.

2. SUMMARY of Postal Changes:

Please note how these changes affect YokoDana Kimono's USA shipping rate options:

A. USPS Parcel-Post Select has replaced traditional "Parcel Post" for all packages 4 pounds and above inside USA. While we can ship these packages by Parcel-Post Select we find that in most zip codes the Priority Mail rate is  actually lower (within pennies) of the Parcel-Post-Select rate.

    Therefore, for now our ecommerce platform no longer lists Parcel Post Select, only Priority and Express, FedEx Ground during check-out. At present we are unable to automate our ecommerce cart to include the Flat-Rate Priority Box options during normal check-out.


    A new set of Flat-Rate Priority boxes are available from the US Postal Service, but their sizes will not fit most of our bulk kimono packages. The only packages we can use the flat-rate boxes for are the following --Girls Kimono(110-GIRLS), Boys Kimono(110-BOYS), Girls Nagajuban (110-GNAG), Ladies Nagajuban (110-NAG). These will be $15.85 for central USA to West Coast zip codes.

    C. HOW TO ORDER USING FLAT-RATE PRIORITY OPTION:  If you want to order the above packages (10lbs) please send us your shipping address and product name  via this link and we'll advise of your shipping and send you a custom invoice.

    3. FedEx Ground Shipping options for USA customers:

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    Effective March 6, 2017:

    For continental USA customers you will see a FedEx Ground rate when checking out. It will be listed along with the Priority Mail rate (USPS). Just select your preference (Fed-Ex Ground or USPS) when checking out. Rates are calculated real-time by our system during checkout. The exception is for orders of multipleproducts whose total weight is more than 30lbs. In such cases we ask you to contact us before ordering, or, we'll advise you of any adjustment/refund in shipping costs after you submit your order. We only charge actual shipping costs.

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    Shipping FAQ:

    • How do you ship? Our default shippers are now United States Postal Service. and FedEx Ground. We also ship DHL International for international customers. We can ship via United Parcel Service (UPS) but there is a surcharge -- UPS surcharge details HERE. UPS shipping option only available through alternate order form for manual  order entries.

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      UPDATE July 23,2016:

      We now shiip by DHL for international customers
    • We now ship DHL for our non-USA international customers. Real-time rates are available via the cart during checkout.

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    • Where do you ship? We ship worldwide: Anywhere that the U.S Postal Service or DHL serves, we ship to. To see the list of countries we have shipped to, click here. If you are our first customer from a country we've never shipped to in the past, we discount your purchase price and/or give you extra product as our way of welcoming you to YokoDana Kimono.

    • Shipping Costs: We use a postage and shipping cost interface with the US Postal Service, FedEx and DHL International via shopify.com. With this platform on our website we get reduced postage and shipping rates, sometimes significantly. You have choices at time of filling your order. Also, we refund any overages the system may charge you when purchasing combined products or sometimes if we can use US Postal Service new Flat Rate Priority envelopes or boxes. We have no handling or service charges and charge you only the actual cost we pay to ship your order.

       *Important Note about Shipping Cost for orders totaling over 30 pounds: We charge actual shipping postage, calculated real-time by our cart during checkout. However, our maximum size shipping cartons are for up to 30 pounds of product. Therefore, in orders requiring more than one carton there may be an adjustment to your shipping charges. We are unable to do this real-time in the cart during checkout at this time, so we will advise of any adjustment during order confirmation if your order totals more than 30lbs of product. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    • USA Customers( Including Hawaii, Alaska & US Territories, APO:  You can select your grade of shipping when completing your check out.  If you need your item in a hurry let us know in the comments section of the order form or by message.

    • Shipping Upgrades or Customer's Special Intructions: If you have special shipping instructions or wish special shipping methods (for example, you want to use your own UPS or Fedex account), please note so in the note/memo field on our secure order form at the time of your order, or by emailing us at our email address provided in your order confirmation email, or: (not a link) 

    not an mailto email link .
    • Payment Options:  Aside from payment using credit card and Paypal via our shopping cart on the website, we have an alternate merchant card which we can use in cases of delayed orders, wait-list etc, when there is a time lag between ordering and shipping dates. It is our policy to charge only on the day orders are shipped.  So,to review your payment options prior to ordering, please click here.


    Our packing is of Export Standard grade. We are veteran exporters/wholesalers so all items are properly packed. We do not charge extra for our handling or packaging.



    Also, before you commit to buying anything please be sure you know the laws of your country concerning import tariffs, duties and restrictions. We cannot always be aware of each country's peculiar requirements. We strongly suggest that -- to avoid problems or unexpected expenses(duty etc)-- be sure that the item you are buying will not be subject to any special import duties etc in the receiving country or that you are willing to pay such expenses upon receipt of the package.