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General Information:

We have been in the export-import business since 1989. Over the years we have shipped to many countries so have experience with the procedural variations found in different countries. The following information has been accumulated and reflect the sorts of questions we get concerning shipping our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics worldwide. If you have a new question, please send it to us via our contact page HERE.

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SHIPPING OPTIONS for USA Customers:  US Postal Service, FedEx Ground & United Parcel Service(UPS)

    Latest Word on US Postal Service(USPS) Rates:

    On July 10, 2023 the US Postal Service made a number of significant changes that affect the types and cost of postage rates available for parcels to USA zip codes.  Now, instead of first class and parcel-select rates (USA only), we have an inclusive USPS Ground Advantage .

     New USPS Rates Beating UPS for smaller packages:

    Since this new rate was integrated into our ecommerce platform, about 2 months ago, we have been logging all our USA Postal shipments and are pleasantly surprised that, so far, the USPS Ground Advantage is turning out to beat even our commercial rate United Parcel Service(UPS) rates to many zip codes.

    More specifically, this improved rate applies mostly to orders of a 12lbs gwt.(or less) package - our common package of 10lbs kimonos products; these packages measure 12x12x9 (inches) or smaller, shipping to Eastern and Midwest USA. West Coast deliveries for the lighter package sometimes beat UPS.

    For larger packages (larger dimensional weight) over 10lbs and larger than  12x12x9 (inches)/12lbs net wt., UPS remains the best price and quicker delivery times.

     Shipping Insurance Included:

    Furthermore, USPS has added 'Insurance included up to US$100' for Ground Advantage packages. Before this change, only Priority and Express rates included insurance by default (up to $100).


    This is the first time in our years of shipping experience that a US Postal Service rate change turns out to be a real improvement. In addition, it seems that transit times for ground advantage seem to have improved as well.  But, this is just anecdotal on our part. Still...in present conditions, to see prices go down and quality go up -- well, it's a celebration for the little guys  -- meaning small businesses and their customers.

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    • Questions? Please contact us through the contact buttons on our website or send email to us at the following address (not an email link) -> :

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    • Where do you ship? We ship worldwide: Anywhere that the U.S Postal Service(USPS), United Parcel Service(UPS), GlobalPost™, and FedEx ship, we ship to. To see the list of countries we have shipped to, click here. If you are our first customer from a country we've never shipped to in the past, we discount your purchase price and/or give you extra product as our way of welcoming you to YokoDana Kimono.

    • Shipping Costs USA & International: We use a postage and shipping cost interface with the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx as well as other international options for customers ordering from outside USA. We also use GlobalPost(TM) for international shipments as alternative to US Postal Service.


    Our packing is of Export Standard grade. We are veteran exporters/wholesalers so all items are properly packed. We do not charge extra for our handling or packaging.



    Also, before you commit to buying anything please be sure you know the laws of your country concerning import tariffs, duties and restrictions. We cannot always be aware of each country's peculiar requirements. We strongly suggest that -- to avoid problems or unexpected expenses(duty etc)-- be sure that the item you are buying will not be subject to any special import duties etc. in the receiving country or that you are willing to pay such expenses upon receipt of the package.