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What's New on YokoDana Kimono? Special Vintage Cottons, Furoshiki, Kasuri,more

November 26, 2022 Yoko Lewis

10lbs Vintage Furoshiki, Kasuri, Other Old Japanese Cottons Catalog#: 110-CTN-FSHIKI-KASURI-2, US$125.00 What's This Page About? SOME BACKGROUND: Here at YokoDana Kimono (yokodana.com) we continue to bring in from Japan  large volumes of vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics on a steady basis. While mostly we import authentic Japanese used kimonos for our bulk kimono packages -- our main products since 1998 -- we also gather old Japanese kimono fabrics of all sorts, from asa (hemp), wool muslin, to Ohshima tsumugi silks, and kasuri (ikat) cottons. So .... in the course of picking and sorting for our bulk vintage Japanese kimono packages and fabrics by-pieces...

Is It "Kimonos" or "Kimono"? Searching for Authentic Japanese Kimonas, Kimono?

November 07, 2022 Yoko Lewis

WHAT'S THIS PAGE? Over the years, we've been asked more than once, "Is it kimonos (with an s), or kimono when describing more than one kimono?". So, we put a little light-hearted page together sharing our use of the terms, HERE.

New Products: Vintage Japanese Haori Kimono Coats, Meisen, Haori-Himo, More

October 26, 2022 Yoko Lewis

For our creative folks: Notice - 2 New Products, Lots of 5 Vintage Japanese Haori, 2 Types(Cutters, Casual Wear) Good for Quilters, DIY, Fashionistas, Textile Artists, Designers. First-Come-First-Served.

"Kimono Rebellion" Kimono Exhibition,Globus Washitsu,New York City, Nov 4 - 8, 2022

October 20, 2022 Yoko Lewis

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Globus Washitsu Announces Special in-person Event: Kimono Rebellion - Kimono Exhibition Preview VideoWorld Premiere of Seijinshiki (Coming of Age) Kimono by the House of MIyabi - which is sweeping the youth of JapanFree admission  Fri, Nov 4 at 12 PM to Tue, Nov 8 at 6 PM Details about Invitation etc.: HERE.

New Product: Lot of 5 Silk/Silk Blend Haori Cutters:For Quilters,Designers,Artists

October 15, 2022 Yoko Lewis

Just added (10/15/2022) to yokodana.com web store:We've been getting many queries about more cutter packages for our many creative customers who use vintage Japanese fabrics in their work. So in response, we've put together a new package. We have these in limited quantities as they take us awhile to gather them together.To learn more, please visit product page on our website, link below:  Catalog#:  110-HAORI-5 Lot of 5 Vintage Japanese Women's Haori (Silk/Silk-Blend Kimono Coats)Sold as CuttersGood for Quilters, DIY, Fashionistas, Textile Artists, Designers etc. US$75.00 Plus Shipping