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Doll-Making in Japan 2017: From Hinamatsuri(GirlsDay) to Busu Ningyo (Ugly Woman)Dolls

June 19, 2017 Yoko Lewis

Japanese Dolls in Kimono Doll Making in Japan 2017: From Classical to Japanese Cabbage Patch? Contemporary Trends in DIY Japan: Japanese Vintage Fabrics Crafts古布細工 (kofuzaiku -- old fashioned crafts) Background:  From time to time we find tiny miniature kimonos mixed in with our large imported shipments of vintage adult and children's kimonos. As these mini-kimonos are rather rare we usually offer them in auction. We find that many people are fascinated by Japanese dolls so we thought we would write a short info piece on them. However, at the same time we were doing some background research on the subject,...

Bulk Vintage Japanese Kimonos Wholesale By-Pound, 10lbs and up,

June 11, 2017 Yoko Lewis

      YokoDana Kimono, as, shipping bulk kimonos world-wide since 1998: To learn more about all our types of vintage kimono packages please visit our bulk kimono package overview and list page HERE.

Hill Tribe Textile Tour of Vietnam: Great Ethnic Textile Travel Blogger Launches Ethical Tours

June 07, 2017 Yoko Lewis

We have been following with some enthusiasm the blog of a British woman now living in Asia whose pen name is "Donna Wanderlust". When we first found her blog earlier this year it was because she wrote some very high quality pieces (with great pics) about Japan and especially kimono culture (our site's core theme).  So when she announced to her blog  followers about textile tours among the  hill tribes of Vietnam we got excited for two reasons: It was about honoring ethnic textiles, cultures and their people (this is the heart of what we're about at YokoDana Kimono), but...

Recent Fabrics Posted: Amami Ohshima Tsumugi, Maiko-theme silk fabric

June 04, 2017 Yoko Lewis

Recently came across some different pieces, a few deadstock tsumugi fabrics,rare Amami Ohshima type, as well as the first picture below which is 37 inches (94cm) wide fine used to make either nagajuban(under kimono) or kimono liner. Click pictures below to see full items: Above: 5289 Below: Mini Furisode for Dolls, on ebay auction; Click picture to see item there.

Hello Connecticut!Back from Northern Star Quilt Show 2017-YokoDana Booth Pics

May 18, 2017 Yoko Lewis

Our belated greetings to all those who came to see us in Danbury, Connecticut at the Northern Star Quilters Guild World of Quilts XXXVIII on May 6 &7, 2017. It was a pleasure to meet new folks and to meet FTF people we had only known via our website. Thanks to all for making it a great weekend. We bring a different assortment of our things to quilt shows. We thought we'd share here some pics of what our booth looked like at Northern Star this year(2017). To see a slide show of more pictures from our Connecticut booth click...