Communicating With YokoDana Kimono [Yoko Trading]

This page provides information and links to the various ways you can communicate with us as well as our basic business information.
  • Business Legal Name: Yoko Lewis d/b/a YokoDana Kimono, a/d/b/a Yoko Trading
Registered as a Sole-Proprietor in Delaware, USA.

  • Location:  We have two locations, one in Japan (admin only) and one in Delaware, USA. All contacts go through our USA office and product shipments are from Delaware, USA. We do NOT have a retail store and do not accept clients at our USA or Japan locations.
  • Postal Service Mail Address:
Yoko Trading
4 Medill Lane
Newark, Delaware (DE) 19711 USA

  • Telephone: (Local & International) [country code 1]-(302)-353-4506
  • Our Direct Email address: (Not a link)=>
  • Chat Box: We have a text chat option which shows on-screen when you land on any page of our website (yokodana.com). If we're online we can answer right away. Otherwise, the system sends us a text and email of  what you said in the chat and we reply by email.

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