Japanese Traditional Kimonos:10Pounds & up Vintage Japanese Women's Kimono

110-GIRLS:10Lbs DISCONTINUED-Vintage Japanese Girls Ceremonial Kimono Cutters

110-GIRLS: Family 7-5-3 Picture at shrine

This product has been discontinued. If/When we have it, we offer to our
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10 Pounds Vintage Silk & Mock-Silks Girls Kimonos CUTTERS

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Our pictures are sample views of a recent 10 Lbs GIRLS Package: Each Package is Unique. 



Packages are comprised of:
vintage silk & a few mock-silk authentic traditional vintage Japanese girls' kimonos; made in Japan, including 1 girl's silk nagajuban (under-kimono); Count is about 10 whole garments.

We offer in packages of 10 Lbs all assorted as described here. 


These are all worn/used/old recycled Japanese garments, sold by the pound, and are meant for cutting, artwork, design, crafts, etc. While sold as fabric for crafts, sewing projects, etc., these are NOT rag quality, as there may be some that may be good for casual wear, or as a costume. Each order contains a mix of whole-garment girls' kimonos with multiple traditional Japanese colorful motifs common to ceremonial and some kimonos for holidays such as Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3).

Please see our pictures here of a recent order, keeping in mind that each order is unique. Also, please note that girls' ceremonial kimonos are predominantly in reds and vermillion, sometimes dark-burgundies as background colors.


Conditions vary from very good to good grades vintage. We do not send 'rag' quality soiled kimonos.

As vintage garments, many of our by-pound kimonos will have some wrinkles, stains & imperfections, some with a musty odor. For tips on care and cleaning please see our info page HERE.

Questions?: Please email us HERE or via our Chat Button or contact links.

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110-GIRLS:10Lbs DISCONTINUED-Vintage Japanese Girls Ceremonial Kimono Cutters