Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3) Holiday,Kimonos 2019 in Kyushu: Family Pics

November 11, 2019 Yoko Lewis

Shichi-Go-San Kimonos -- Family Pics 2019


Above and below areYokoDana Kimono's (yokodana.com) owner Yoko Lewis' Nieces' children dressed for Shichi-Go-San at our local shrine in Yamaga, Japan. We love this picture for several reasons: First, because of the fact that the three ages (7,5,3) are represented, and, a boy cousin not in kimono squatted to get in the picture; Second, the tallest girl in the center is wearing a very old vintage kimono which has been in the family for several generations, topped with a beret, earrings, a lace shawl, and leather boots instead of zori; and third, the two smaller girls are wearing hifu (a special kimono vest), and if you look closely you'll see some small Disney characters. A perfect example of how the Japanese blend old with new in ever creative ways, honoring the old and celebrating the new. To learn more about Shichi-Go-San visit Wikipedia PAGE HERE.

Shichi-go-san mana rei 2019.jpg

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