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YOKODANA KIMONO is above all a family business, founded in 1989 by Yoko Lewis in the United States, with family members in Japan handling the Japan side of things. YokoDana Kimono, also doing business as Yoko Trading for many years, is itself the brainchild of Yoko Lewis. This is her story:
Yoko is the third generation of a family in rural Japan which has been buying, selling & collecting Japanese art & antiques for almost 100 years. Growing up she was surrounded by beautiful traditional Japanese artwork, textiles and collectibles. In addition to all the knowledge passed on to her from her father & grandfather, Yoko also has inherited a passion for these traditional arts and textiles of Japan, and takes great pleasure in making these things available to more people around the world.

In 1989 she realized her dream and opened up an Export-Import business based in the USA, making good use of her family's network in Japan. As the influence of the internet grew, she knew she had to 'get on board', so in 1998 the website was created and she brought her brother on board to run the Japan office. That was the year that "Yoko Trading" became www.yokodana.com ( now also known as, YokoDana Kimono) . Having staff in Japan and the USA --family at that -- most often eliminates the usual 'middle-men', so thus she can offer many unique & high-quality items at most reasonable prices.

 In addition to the website devoted to the sale of bulk kimono by the pound and special Japanese vintage kimono fabric, over the years Yoko had shown at a variety of trade shows, festivals, and conventions; unfortunately she no longer does them since COVID arrived in 2020; for years we had venues at cultural fairs such as the Cherry Blossom Festivals in Washington DC, Philadelphia & Brooklyn, New York. 

 Retail Locations:

We once had 3 retail locations in Southeast Pennsylvania USA. However, once we moved to Delaware -- and as our web business steadily grew, it became increasingly difficult to do both web and 'brick & mortar' stores well. So, we went all-web in August of 2000.
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We also have a web presence on various social media sites as well as a shop on Etsy.com.


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    YokoDana Kimono (adba Yoko Trading)
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