110-CTN-YUKATA:DISCONTINUED 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Cotton Yukata, Summer Kimono

10lbs vintage yukata, view of pile

This product has been discontinued. If/When we have it, we offer to our
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Ten(10) Lbs. Vintage Japanese Cotton Yukata Summer Kimono

Mostly Women and Girls -- Men's included as available

Catalog#:  110-CTN-YUKATA

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In the course of picking and sorting for our bulk vintage Japanese kimono packages and fabric by-pieces throughout the year, we set aside special items until we have enough for a bundle or two. Most of these packages are intended for use in upcycling for crafts, sewing projects, sashiko, quilters, and designers, but others -- like this one -- include many wearables. Each package is unique, one-of-a-kind.


  • 10 Pounds net. wt. vintage Japanese cotton summer kimonos (yukata - for use in wear to summer festivals and public bath/spa).

  • 1960s to 1990s Vintage Japanese cotton garments; if summer hemp (asa) kimonos on-hand we'll include them; many are wearables.

  • Various sizes: From girls to women's Japan sizes; These are sized for Japanese, so are smaller than USA/European sizes -- no USA Large or XL sizes as these were made for Japanese girls and women of the past(smaller).

  • Sometimes we include men's and boys' kimonos if on hand. We provide a balance such as seen in our sample pictures here.

  • Pictures are samples of the sort of variety included in this package.


    $ 95.00

    110-CTN-YUKATA:DISCONTINUED 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Cotton Yukata, Summer Kimono