110-A: Authentic Traditional Vintage Japanese Kimonos for Women, 10lbs Bundles

110-A:10lbs "A Package" Pile, 10 Pcs/10lbs average

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Japanese Long & Short Kimonos for Women (Kimono, Haori, Michiyuki) By-Pound Package Silks, Silk Blends, Sometimes Mock-Silks*

Catalog #: 110-A  

10 Lbs (4.54Kg) @US$9.50/lb = US$95.00
Plus Actual Shipping Cost

Called our "A Package" --
Our Most Popular Bulk Kimono Package Since 1998
Version: Updated February 23, 2024



 We are selling this bundle of women's kimonos as whole-garment cutters, an average 6-7 garments per 10lbs package, depending on the weight of each garment. The majority are long kimonos with 2 short kimono coats - 1 haori, and one michiyuki included; When we include a formal long kimono (such as a formal furisode) the count will be lower since a furisode weighs easily 2lbs.

Each bundle is unique, meant for cutting**, artwork, design, DIY, crafts, etc.; as vintage (used, recycled, upcycled) kimonos, there may be some imperfections and slight stains, but never rag quality:

**Note also that while sold as fabric supply for taking apart, some will be wearable; we have customers worldwide who resell these in vintage and other types of shops, websites, or at events; some of our retail customers use them for casual vintage wear, costume, Anime Cosplay, etc.

Attention to our creative and designer customers:   When disassembling these 10 pounds of kimonos, please note that you will obtain approximately 72 yards in total of the outer fabric, with an average width of 14 inches. Additionally, the inner liners contribute extra yardage to the overall amount.

Selections are different for every package:  We put together an assortment that is a balance of warm and cold colors and varied designs; the fabric weights range from light to heavy; Since these are from the 1950s to 1990s the designs and motifs are considered as classical, traditional, and highly varied Japanese historical motifs; even a  solid fabric will often be interwoven in the same sorts of traditional Japanese motifs.


*Mostly silks and silk blends (silk with some synthetics) with possibility of all-synthetic fabrics (not very often, actually), if they are especially nice and in good condition.


We do NOT include any of the following type fabrics: cotton, muslin, and commonly seen non-Japanese-made synthetic robes (off-shore sellers) which are called 'kimono' by many -- but which are not truly Japanese kimono --  We never have those types -- ever;


When on hand, we include a luxurious type of fine silk called 'kinsha', as well as the following: Ro,(skip-weave, summer silk), shibori, and other special older vintage varieties when we have them.


Traditional motifs are in a wide variety of combinations and include the following: Flowers, fans, butterflies, birds, Imperial items ( such as -- flower carts, Imperial procession items, banners, treasure mallets, and gift boxes); also, toys, origami, cranes, waves, streams, bamboo thickets; Kimono makers historically also include themes from woodblock prints and art of 1600 to 1800s, including tsunami waves, mountains and country villas with streams, streams (often stylized in various fashions) and geometric designs.

In addition, even when a kimono fabric is solid (no secondary colors, motif, or design), entire garments are often interwoven with these same lovely designs - but not all  - some are without the interwoven designs, being solid.

Also, many classical kimonos have a subtle beauty and nuance, perhaps an acquired taste, but are rich in layout and arrangements in the fabrics.

OTHER:  While we sell these as cutters and fabric supplies, they are all full garments, but with the following exception: Sometimes we get beautiful older (from the 1920s-1940s) colorful kimonos that lack sleeves or perhaps lapels; these are often of the finer old silk called kinsha; If we have these we will include one in as part of the bundle. Should you NOT wish this sort of thing, please leave a note in your order form during checkout, or message us via the site chat button or contact link.


Images shown in our description here are EXAMPLES of an actual order; yours will be unique, and sorted using the criteria as described here. After placing an order, please message us on how you plan to use the bundle or any 'druthers' you have. This helps us make the final selection. We do our best to provide a balanced mix. Also, please see FAQs which have more details about the selection.  

FAQ's & Other Information about bulk kimono packages:

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$ 95.00

110-A: Authentic Traditional Vintage Japanese Kimonos for Women, 10lbs Bundles