Virtual Warehouse: Pictures of Bulk Kimono Packages Before Shipment


 We know only too well the value of the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words". This section of our site complements our detailed product descriptions with pictures as well as our various FAQ pages (see drop-down menu 'About Us' at top of each page), which really must be carefully read before making a decision about this admittedly unusual product. NOTE: We do not want folks to decide solely on the basis of these pictures, as each order is unique. So... we ask you to keep this in mind.

Important Notes About  Our Bulk Kimono Packages:

  • Each order is totally unique. No 2 boxes are the same.
  • Quality and condition are very consistent, but range of colors, patterns etc are virtually endless in combinations.
  • The pictures on this page are of ACTUAL ORDERS -- YOURS WILL DIFFER. Actual orders have much more variety than we can capture in pictures.
  • Once you've read all the relevant pages, if you're still in doubt -- CONTACT US PLEASE.

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Pictures of Actual Shipments:

Recent orders (20lbs A Packages) before shipment

20lbs A package

20lbs A package

before image

Warehouse pictures of bulk vintage kimonos before processing

Above: Warehouse picture of some of the boxes of kimono supplies we receive regularly to sort and fill bulk kimono orders.