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SOLD-7723:1980s-90sJapanese Kimono Silk Roll, Salesperson's Sampler,21 Panels Furisode Type

7723: Full 16+yds sales sampler roll
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Rare 1980s-1990s Japanese Vintage Deadstock:

Kimono Salesperson's Silk Kimono Fabric Sampler Roll

Formal Furisode Type Silk & Patterns:
Ornate Classic Motifs
(Cranes, Flowers, Imperial Carts, and more)

Catalog #: 7723

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21 Different Panel Patterns:

Each Panel:

Width: 14 inches / 35.56 cm
Length: Panels  29-30 inches / 73.66 -76.2 cm
(Roll length 16+ Yards / 15.23 m)


One roll of excellent quality young woman's furisode type silk kimono fabric from the 1980s-1990s Japan; there are 21  different patterns, numbered 1 to 21 on contiguous salesperson's sampler roll. These rolls were used by kimono makers/stores to show prospective customers a choice of designs in making a custom kimono; 

The panel patterns average 14 inches / 35.56 cm wide X  29-30 inches / 73.66 -76.2 cm., and designs are on one side only; Roll is 16+ yards / 15+m; all panels have interwoven small honeycomb matrix thin lines interwoven; designs are bright and ornate, wide variety of colors with various colors backgrounds;

Designs include the following: Japanese cranes in flight, Imperial Flower Cart, All types of flowers, clouds, traditional wooden Japanese bridges, Japanese pines, bamboo leaves, butterflies, and classic  cursive thin waves; There is substantial use of burnished metallic gold and silver accents of figures (seems applique process) in all panels; fabric has sheen and is light-medium thickness; Our pictures show the full roll and multiple close-ups of 12 of the 21 panels; minimal drape.


 We have been using similar 27 -30 inches (68.58cm - 76.2 cm) kimono fabric pieces to make infinity scarves (as gifts), using ornate fabrics like this with a matching silk kimono liner piece; Good for making scarves/accessories; These panels are truly classic traditional Japanese art designs, and, aside from creative, fashion, or craft applications,  would be suitable for display or framing.

Surely of interest to our Japanophile designers and textile artists & designers out there.

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SOLD-7723:1980s-90sJapanese Kimono Silk Roll, Salesperson's Sampler,21 Panels Furisode Type