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Vintage Japanese Kimono Bundles by YokoDana Kimono

Vintage Japanese Kimono Bundles for Women Sold Online
Bulk Wholesale Authentic Traditional Kimono For Women


Welcome to the world of Vintage Clothing -- specifically, Vintage Japanese Kimonos. This page provides an overview of our wholesale, bulk kimono packages collection and a list of packages that we offer through this site online. We also provide links to our various other specialized FAQ pages, testimonials and more, as well as contact links; depending on your device these are at bottom of all pages, or via dropdown menu. 

All our kimonos were made in Japan, many of them hand-made. Our kimonos originally were worn and then recycled within Japan by Japanese. The garments generally age from the 1930's to 1980s. We source them in Japan and ship them to customers from our USA location in the state of Delaware, USA.

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If you've never bought vintage (recycled, though we prefer the term upcycled) clothing of any kind online - especially vintage kimono - we ask you to take the time to first read our pre-purchase guidelines HERE before proceeding.

So, taking the extra time to read everything here before your online purchase will help you make a more informed decision. After you've read everything and if you still have questions, please contact us.

Version: February 24, 2024

List of All Types of Wholesale Bulk Kimono Bundles Sold by YokoDana Kimono:

Today's Question: 

Below is a list of all the types of packages we offer. However, some of them are only available seasonally and are offered to members of our optin mail list when we have them in stock. To see full product descriptions of any of the packages below, please click/touch  item number in list below (Currency=US$); shipping is actual postage/shipping cost; Product prices plus actual shipping cost:

  • 110-A: ''A Package" Silk /Silk Blend Women's Kimono Bundles(10lbs $95.00): This is our main package, available almost all year round. Our best seller since 1998.

  • 110A-SOLIDS: 110Lbs "A" Vintage Japanese Kimono Package, Solids Only, in 10lbs package, US$95.00 plus shipping.

  • 110B: "B Package" 10lbs Long Women's Kimonos, non-wearables, for Crafts, Design, DIY, Artists, Sewing Fabrics Supply, US$65.00 plus shipping. 
  • 110-C "C Package": Ten(10) Package: Remnants of All types of Fabrics, Whole and Partial Kimono Garments,  Vintage Kimono Fabric Scraps: As-Is, For Crafts, Design, Quilters, DIY, Artists,  Sewing Fabrics Supply: US$45.00 plus shipping.

  • NEW FABRICS PACKAGE: 110-D:  "D Package/Grab-Bag": 10Lbs Japanese Vintage Kimono Mixed Fabric Pieces for Quilters, Sewing, Multimedia Artists, Crafts Supplies, Hobbyists: US65.00 plus shipping.

  • 110-GIRLS: Vintage Girls' Kimono Package 10 pounds $75/00 plus shipping.

  • 110-NAG: Nagajuban 10 pounds US$95.00 plus shipping: Mostly Silk, Silk-Blends & Minority of Synthetics Under-Kimono(s).

  • 110-MSN: Meisen Silk Package $115.00 plus shipping,1940's Meisen silk kimonos.

  • 110-MSN-H5:  Lot of 5 - US$95.00 plus shipping, 1950s Meisen Haori (Kimono Coats),  Cutters, Casual Wear.

  • 110-Haori-5:  Lot of 5 Vintage Japanese Women's Haori (Silk Kimono Coats, Wearable), US$95.00 plus Shipping.

  • 110-CTN-KASURI-10:  Ten(10) Pounds Vintage Japanese Cottons -- special package includes a mix of small vintage Kasuri (ikat) & other cotton pieces, some whole garments and furoshiki wrapping cloths, US$125.00 plus shipping.
  • 110-SAMPLER: Lot of 8 Different Types Kimono from Bulk Collection(this page) US$115.00 plus shipping for lot.(Rarely Offered)


  • 110-GNAG: Vintage Girls' Silk Nagajuban (Under-Kimono, reds), US$65.00 plus shipping.

  • 110-BOYS: Ceremonial Boys Kimonos, 10 pounds US$95.00 plus shipping, Mostly silk, silk blends, few mock-silks.

  • 110-OHSHIMA-1: Rare 10lbs Package of Amami Ohshima Tsumugi (pongee) silk kimonos, in 10lbs package, US$95.00 plus shipping.

  • 110-YUKATA: Ten(10) Pounds Vintage Japanese Summer Kimonos (Yukata), Mostly Women's and Girls -- Men's included as available: US$95.00 plus shipping.
To see what is in stock, please click item number from the list above or search our website by keywords or product numbers HERE.
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    CAVEAT: It is essential that prior to purchasing you read the full product description for each type package you are considering as well as our detailed  FAQs, as these are 100% the result of customers' input and are essential to understanding this product. To see all the information and FAQ pages please see the drop-down menu at ABOUT US tab.

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