Vintage Kimonos Sold as Lots

110-C: 10Lbs "C Package" Partials Vintage Japanese Kimono & Scraps, Cutters

C Package: 10lbs kimono scraps US$40
Updated: February 23, 2024

Ten Pounds Vintage Fabrics, Some Whole Kimonos & Other Pieces

By-Pound Package:

Remnants of All types of Fabrics, 2 Whole-Garment Kimonos, 1 whole Nagajuban

Vintage Japanese Kimono Fabric Scraps, As Is:

For Crafts, Design, Quilters, DIY, Artists,  Sewing Fabrics Supply

Catalog #: 110-C  

10 Lbs (4.54Kg) @US$55.00 
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We have been selling our most popular  "A Package" women's kimonos by pound online since 1998.  Recently we've added "B Package", a package of silk/silk blend but the latter sold as cutters and remnant pieces, not for wear; Both "A" and "B" are used by textile artists, sewers, quilters, fashion designers, and other multimedia artists in their creative projects.

Therefore, we now offer this package for all those creative folks who like to give new life to these vintage Japanese fabric scraps, and kimonos -- and at the same time help us save them from being dumped in a landfill.

This package is comprised of 2 whole-garment kimonos & 1 full nagajuban (underkimono) -- all as cutters, the rest is just remnant pieces; Fabrics are all sorts of fabric types, as detailed below.

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This 10-pound package contains all kinds of fabrics deconstructed from authentic vintage Japanese kimonos, as well as fabric pieces derived from classic kimono-type fabrics; These remnants are unlike modern Western 110 inches factory cut fabrics; Materials will include some or all of the following: silk, cotton, synthetics, silk blend, and sometimes muslin wool, and asa (hemp) if on hand; Each package is unique.

There are stains, holes, tears, and sometimes a musty odor, but plenty of useable materials for DIY, quilters, sewing artisans, designers, crafters, textile artists, and other DIY and creative folks. We will make an assortment worthwhile for your creative project.

    $ 55.00

    110-C: 10Lbs "C Package" Partials Vintage Japanese Kimono & Scraps, Cutters