Let Me Count The Ways: Another Creative Use of Vintage Kimono Fabrics of YokoDana Kimono

February 09, 2023 Yoko Lewis

 A Note from Yoko:  We love it when customers send us emails and pictures of what they have made from what they've purchased on yokodana.com, or, how they've used it in some activity, or, as part of interior decoration of their home or business. In fact,  there are so many of these special and creative uses that we have built a growing list of the many ways that our vintage Japanese Kimonos & fabrics are used or worn by our customers; you can see the list in one of our FAQ pages HERE. We thank Judy for sharing this with us here. YL
Good morning!

I absolutely love all of the fabrics that I ordered! They are gorgeous and high quality. Thank you for the gift fabric as well!

I put one of the koi pieces on my Sendai tansu. My grandmother brought it back from Japan in the 50's.

...I am also excited about the other fabrics. I am still deciding how to use them to best show them off.

Thank you again!! -Judy

PS: Don't worry! No one is allowed to light those candles.
Judith R.
Waterford, Connecticut

7310 sumo wrestler koi fish yukata fabric

NOTE: The blue runner on the top of the tansu is a deadstock yukata fabric from a 1990s Sumo wrestler's  cotton fabric, Our product number 7310:


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