Inspiring Quilt from YokoDana Kimono’s Upcycled Vintage Japanese Fabrics: Jane’s Story

April 06, 2024 Yoko Lewis

 April 6, 2024:

Jane's Quilt 1

Note from Yoko:

One of our cherished customers, who's been with us for quite some time, recently shared a touching story about her journey with our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics. It's truly heartening to learn how these traditional textiles we offer have been repurposed by a talented textile artist/quilter, turning the fabrics into not just functional pieces, but also artistic symbols of kindness and comfort during difficult times. We are thankful to Jane for allowing us to share this here below.

But Jane's experience isn't the only one like this that we've heard; in the past, when we used to sell formal Japanese wedding kimonos, another customer bought a shiromuku (white wedding kimono) to bring to the hospital during an anticipated prolonged and painful surgery recovery. She shared with us her plan to drape it over her hospital bed, finding solace in its touch and beauty amidst her struggles.

We welcome getting similar inspirational stories from customers who use our vintage Japanese kimonos and textiles creatively. If you have one yourself you'd like to share, please feel free to contact us via our contact page (or our email if you have it), we’d love to hear about it, even if you don't want it posted. We continue to be amazed at the seemingly infinite ways that creative folks come up with using our vintage Japanese kimono fabrics.

Also, FYI, we have built a growing list of the many ways that our vintage Japanese Kimonos & fabrics are used or worn by our customers; you can see the list in one of our FAQ pages HERE. 

From our testimonials page:

 ...Dear Yoko & Dana:

Just before Covid hit, I started a small group of mostly beginning quilters. I promised I would teach beginning quilting and provide everything absolutely free if they would guarantee me three hours a week time for six weeks. I said that everything that we made would be donated to a local veterans village project that gets veterans off the streets, and to a victims advocate project where I volunteer.... To read the rest of Jane's testimonial, please tap HERE

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