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What's New on YokoDana Kimono?: Hakkake, Kasuri,Meisen Silks, Bulk Kimono 10lbs

February 21, 2024 Yoko Lewis

Recently posted: Silk Hakkake Bolts (4m/4.37yds). Other recent additions to fabrics-by piece;E-gasuri (picture-kasuri), silk 50s Meisen, others). Bulk Kimonos: What's In stock?  Lots of 5 Women's Haori now in stock. Go to: What's New Page

Latest Updates: Black-Red Hakama, Roll of Kimono Salespersons Silk Sampler, What's new?

December 30, 2023 Yoko Lewis

December 30, 2023:  Latest additions to  our webstore -- more to come in 2024!Please select images below to see what's new:

John Marshall Conversation about Arai Hari Traditional Kimono Cleaning

December 26, 2023 Yoko Lewis

We have recovered an archive page with information from JohnMarshall.to, as a convenience. John is rebuilding this information page and we link/refer (but now as 404) to it in many of our pages, so until the updated page about kimono care and cleaning on johnmarshall.to website is completed, we leave this as a courtesy, please select image below: Wayback Machine Archive Page (original file source was on johnmarshall.to: H-conversations015a.htm )

YokoDana.com: Fresh Supply of Vintage Japanese Silk Haori, Lots of 5 @US$95

December 23, 2023 Yoko Lewis

Just in to YokoDana Kimono:  More Lots of 5 Vintage Japanese Silk Haori(While Supplies Last)110-Haori5:  110-Haori5: Lot of 5 Vintage Japanese Silk Haori US$95.00 plus shipping   Go to our  What's New? Page to learn more HERE.

Back in Stock: Lot of 5 Vintage Japanese Silk Haori US$95.00

December 13, 2023 Yoko Lewis

December 13, 2023:Back in Stock:  Lot of 5 Vintage Japanese Silk Haori  110-Haori5: Lot of 5 Vintage Japanese Silk Haori US$95.00 plus shipping They usually go fast, so.... first come first served. 😀 What else is new at YokoDana.com? To learn more, please visit us at following page:Link is Click-Push above