New Fabric Bundle Offer: "D Package Grab Bag" Ten Pounds Mixed Japanese Fabric Pieces

February 24, 2024 Yoko Lewis

New Fabric Bundle, Grab Bag, "D Package", 10lbs Vintage Mix RemnantsBy popular demand: 10lbs Vintage MIxed Types of Cut Japanese Kimono Fabric Pieces @ US$65.00 + Shipping.

What's up with your new "D Package"?

Background Story:  

For some time now we've been getting requests from our members and regular customers for a mixed bag of just old kimono fabrics from our deconstructed vintage kimonos, sold by weight. For the last 5 or 6 years, from time to time as available, we  post a small 3 pound offering of special older fine silk pieces (KPCS3). When we get these together, we offer to our  opt-in members first.

So, we're listening, and in response have come up with what we're calling our "D Package / Grab Bag"; See link below for full details:

Product Number: 110-D:  "D Package Grab-Bag" 10Lbs of Japanese Vintage Kimono Mixed Fabric Types as Pieces for Quilters, Sewing, Multimedia Artists, Collages, and General Crafts Supplies. 10lbs @US$65.00 (+ Shipping).

Check it out HERE.

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