Aloha: Customer Using YokoDana Vintage Japanese Silks - Going Creative in Hawaii

July 05, 2024 Yoko Lewis

Over the years, we so appreciate those customers who send us pics of their creative endeavors using fabrics they've obtained from us on yokodana.com. Often they also share their wisdom and insights, both on technique and the aesthetics of working with vintage Japanese kimonos for upcycling, as well as many other modes of re-purposing older Japanese kimonos and fabrics.

Over the last year we received several emails with pictures - some shown here - from a good customer, DM, in Hawaii (she's shy) . She also sent along some of her thoughts about what she has made with silk from the various "A Packages"(10lbs Vintage Silk Kimonos) she has ordered from us over the last several years.

Handmade using vintage Japanese kimono silk fabric by DM in Hawaii, beach hat

She also informed us of a new book for those working with silks, A Silk Worker's Notebook , by Cheryl Kolander. , as well as some encouraging tips for those working creatively with Japanese kimono silks - often said to be harder to work with, clean,etc; to see her tips and full testimonial,as well as other pictures of things she's made from our vintage Japanese silks please see our testimonial page HERE.

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