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"What's New?": New Page and Products on YokoDana.com-Vintage Split Men's Hakama

May 17, 2023 Yoko Lewis

May 17, 2023:Since we continue to bring in from Japan a steady volume of vintage authentic Japanese kimonos and fabrics, we find that throughout the year we are regularly making changes to our store; almost daily we see  inventory count changes -- especially fabrics by piece. Also, the vintage kimono supply stream in Japan is constantly changing, so, as things change, we need to add or take out different types of packages of vintage kimonos.  To help our regulars keep up with our changes, we created a 'What's New?" page, here.  The most recent kimono product addition (May, 16, 2023) is...

Coming of Age Day in Japan 2022: Miyabi One-of-a-Kind-Kimonos (Spoon & Tamago)

February 15, 2023 Yoko Lewis

Again, one of our favorite website/newsletters around Japanese culture (Spoon & Tamago -- www.spoon-tamago.com) does not disappoint. Again this year they showed us something related to kimonos in a January 8, 2023 blog about Seijin-no-hi, Coming of Age Day in Japan. Above is one of these striking kimonos made by Miyabi. Below: Reverse View of Top Picture Photos from spoon-tamago.com Also, we invite you to check out their Instagram video here of Miyabi's show at Globus Washitsu in New York City this past November 4-9, 2022. We just thought that our site visitors would enjoy seeing these remarkable kimono creations, stunning...

Let Me Count The Ways: Another Creative Use of Vintage Kimono Fabrics of YokoDana Kimono

February 09, 2023 Yoko Lewis

 A Note from Yoko:  We love it when customers send us emails and pictures of what they have made from what they've purchased on yokodana.com, or, how they've used it in some activity, or, as part of interior decoration of their home or business. In fact,  there are so many of these special and creative uses that we have built a growing list of the many ways that our vintage Japanese Kimonos & fabrics are used or worn by our customers; you can see the list in one of our FAQ pages HERE. We thank Judy for sharing this with us here....

Woman Hand Sews Eclectic Kimono to Honor Her Japanese-Scottish Ancestry

January 02, 2023 Yoko Lewis

We came across this in a Facebook post by mymodernmet.com and thought our visitors and site fans of yokodana.com would appreciate this. The article is dated October 18, 2017, and tells the story of how Maya Caulfield made a kimono to  honor her Japanese and Scottish ancestry: ... Maya Caulfield recently completed a handmade kimono that celebrates her half Scottish and half Japanese ancestry in one eclectic garment. Created in a traditional kimono silhouette, the fabric is sourced from different types of plaid, from tartan to buffalo check. “I don't usually make textile art,” Caulfield tells My Modern Met via email, “but I do make my own clothes...

Is It "Kimonos" or "Kimono"? Searching for Authentic Japanese Kimonas, Kimono?

November 07, 2022 Yoko Lewis

WHAT'S THIS PAGE? Over the years, we've been asked more than once, "Is it kimonos (with an s), or kimono when describing more than one kimono?". So, we put a little light-hearted page together sharing our use of the terms, HERE.