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September 25, 2023, 4:28 PM EDT USA
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YokoDana Kimono Members' Page


What is this page?

This is a landing page for members of our opt-in membership & email list on yokodana.com, a place for members to catch up with things on our store/site. We have quite a few members, many having been with us for years going back to 1999.

Many of our members (affectionately called our Regulars) are repeat buyers and check our store faithfully when in the need of our special vintage Japanese fabrics or by-pound kimono bundles. Many folks email us to see what's been going on since they last visited yokodana.com.

So...we thought it might be helpful to have a single page here -- with an easy to remember web address -- www.yokodana.com/members, complete with the sort of links  and information members want to know without having to search or click so many links to find what they need.


dividerWe have a few left of these women's hakama, they are the full-skirt type:

College Graduates Women in Hakama

WOMEN'S HAKAMA(Skirt Type) also available HERE.

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Tired of checking the site often and finding your desired package still 'sold'? Perhaps you might consider our waitlist:

Please visit our waitlist info page HERE.


Other Questions? Select HERE, or, please use "Contact"  or "Chat" tabs on every page of our website to message us.