Opt-In Membership Plan: Information and Registration

YokoDana Kimono Preferred Membership Plan
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 Background Info:

Since opening our website in 1998, we have developed a growing group of 'regulars', folks with interests -- even passions -- for Japanese arts & culture, clothing, fabrics. etc. We have experimented with various ways to reward them for their faithful support, without being intrusive or bothersome. We have arrived at our current plan, which is a simple way for interested persons to keep abreast of what we are adding to our site without our pestering them.

We welcome any thoughts on how we might improve this, and welcome all who wish to join our small but growing on-line community of those who love vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics.

Yoko Lewis

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Terms of Opt-In Membership:

1. If you are already a customer, and recommend others to us, we like to reward you on your next order. Please be sure that your referrals let us know your name and email. If you are already a bulk kimono customer and tell a friend who then also buys our bulk kimono product -- we will give you extra product on your next order.

2. Seasonal discounts or sales periodically for members-only, announced in opt-in bulletin, not on site.

3. We ask members to remind us of your member status at time of each order (we are managing this manually, so this helps us not forget).

4. We put word about site updates, venue schedule and information, etc. on our blog and Facebook Pages, but Opt-in members are first informed of all sales etc., through our opt-in emails;

5. We also offer special members-only products via a lottery system from time to time.

6. Repeat customers who are members may be given additional discount or extra product at our discretion.

7. There are no fees or charges of any kind for using this membership.

Lastly, Some caveats: We reserve the right to change the terms of this membership without notice, should we see a need in the future. We cannot offer cash payments for any of our  discount benefits.

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To join our opt-in list you can subscribe by clicking HERE.


Adding your name will deliver our occasional email alerts. At anytime, you can choose not to receive our mailings. We do not sell, rent or lend your information, EVER.