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Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia: Kimonos

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Kimono Now: by Manami Okazaki

Kimono Now
by Manami Okazaki

Amazon.com book description:

From the refined homes of Tokyo to the nightclubs of Kyoto; from gangster chic to Harajuku street style; from ateliers and catwalks to city sidewalks and religious festivals--this book shows how the kimono has continued to be one of Japan's most exciting wardrobe elements. Across Japan, women and men are rediscovering the kimono. Comfortable, versatile, and easily adapted to reflect one's personal style, the kimono is the perfect canvas from which to create a head-turning ensemble for any occasion. In Kimono Now, while exploring the origins and evolution of this traditional garment, Manami Okazaki explains how the once ubiquitous kimono disappeared from everyday life only to reappear as a fashion statement....(.) read full amazon description and reviews HERE

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The New Kimono: From Vintage to Everyday Chic

buy the book or read reviews on amazon.com
by Editors of Nanao Magazine

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Related Recommended Reading & Other Resources:

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John Marshall's Attic(Blog)

 John Marshall's Blog: John's Attic

John Marshall is a master of traditional Japanese dyeing arts for over 30 years whose work we've admired for years. In recent years he has developed a blog and web site which we've heard about from other customers and which we highly recommend. His love and deep knowledge of traditional Japanese culture and language is apparent to us in reading his site and blog, so if you love traditional indigo works like katazome etc, traditional Japanese textile arts or culture you'll love his web site. 

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Facebook Pages for Kimono & Kitsuke lovers:
International Kimono Auctions 
Kimono Sales Worldwide

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Reddit Japan Discussion Pages:
Kimono Acculturation Controversy Fall 2015 Boston

Japan Times editorial on Kimonos worn by non-Japanese (see above)

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Other Cultural Links, Japanese Info Hubs and Internet Directories:

Japan Zone - Your guide to Japan and Japanese popular culture:
Japan Zone: Banner
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Web-Japan.org hub resource site by Japanese government

Web-Japan.org : The site provides highly reliable information on Japan across many different genres including culture, sightseeing, society, history and nature. The content is provided primarily in English, but a portion of the site is multilingual.

Web Japan is sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and operated by a Japanese non-government organization.

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February 2021: See our review HERE of a web business making traditional Japanese footwear: geta & clogs for men and women. 
getamashi.com geta and clog makers

 mans getawomans geta

Japanese traditional clogs


If you decide to try this website, they are offering a 15% discount using the code YOKODANA  . We also are interested in hearing from you about your experience with them, so we can add your review here. Send comments via contact tab on all pages of our website, or message us HEREEnjoy!


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See our  January 5, 2022 blog for our review HERE of Japanoscope.com

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