Website Review: Japanoscope.com - Peter Joseph Head, Linguist and Musician

January 05, 2022 Yoko Lewis


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From time to time we like to showcase Japan-related websites that catch our eye, either for their quality content or for their visual appeal. We are fond of sites that start out as obvious works of passion for some particular subject, often beginning as hobbies and molting into successful business or information websites.

In the case of Japanoscope.com - created and run by Peter Joseph Head of Australia - we like it for both its range and quality of content, as well as its visuals. Peter is among the small number of non-Japanese to have mastered the language, and much of what you find on this site pertains to Japanese language learning and translation. But, as Peter is also a musician who plays the Koto and shamisen, we feel that there is an interesting intersection of language learning and modern Japanese music and culture.

Peter is multi-media for sure: In addition to the website, he has other social media platforms, to include a podcast  presenting different Japanese translations, as well as his own Youtube channel.

He has released albums of songs he's written in Japanese, and also blogs about everything from Japanese street culture, Cosplay, Japanese Media/Music and snacks - to takes on Japanese products of all sorts.

This is not your run of the mill 'Japanophile' site engaging in mostly stereotypes and predictable memes -- his is a fresh and insightful window to today's Japanese culture through a bi-cultural  & bi-lingual lens. Peter says it best himself about Japanoscope.com, "My aim here is to go deeper than than just 'Samurai and Sakura blossoms' ".


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