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February 03, 2021 Yoko Lewis

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Website Review:  www.getamashi.com

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Since we started yokodana.com in 1998 we have tried to share with our visitors and customers whenever we find quality sites relevant to the themes of our own website. In fact, we have a dedicated page where we keep a running list of such sites and resources HERE

For a number of years in the 00's, until about 2015, we had a link to a USA woodwork company that made beautiful kimono lacquered display stands at an excellent price; also, in that same time frame we had recommended a Japan-based Geta-maker that was recommended to us by some of our customers. Unfortunately, both of those are now closed.

So.... when we came across getamashi.com during a routine keywords search, we checked it out, liked it, and are glad to be able to make folks aware of this resource.


We ourselves are fond of more minimalist website designs (please, no more dancing bears, hard-to-read color fonts and overall busy-ness ;} ), so this site we liked at first sight: Easy to navigate, great pictures as well as sizing guides. They offer men's & women's traditional geta, traditional clogs for men and women, and traditional tabi (socks).

Ordering is simple, you can pay in many different currencies, AND, international shipping is free for orders over US$69. They also have a guarantee and the prices are  reasonable, especially if using the free shipping.

They explain the name of the business, Getamashi -- and more -- in their About Us info page:

Getamashi was founded with the goal of bringing affordable, chic and durable Japanese Sandals Geta into the Western World. Our brand Getamashi is inspired from two Japanese words, Geta and Tamashi (Soul) and it is also our commitment to make Japanese sandals Geta from our soul.
... One look at our logo and you will get the feeling that the product behind it must be special and it is special because every pair of geta design is beautiful and unique....
 At last, our business is located in Hong Kong. We love travelling to Japan and discovering Japanese culture. Especially we enjoy traditional Japanese motifs and we get inspiration from the motifs to design the Hanao. 
From Aika, Staff at Getamashi.com
mans geta
womans geta
Japanese traditional clogs


If you decide to try this website, they are offering a 15% discount using the code YOKODANA  . We also are interested in hearing from you about your experience with them, so we can add your review to our upcoming info page about them in our links page.



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