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 Vintage Japanese Kimono Bundles from YokoDana Kimono, yokodana.co

Wholesale Bulk Recycled Authentic Traditional Vintage Japanese  Kimono Robes for Women in 10 Pound Bundles 

US$4.50 to US$11.50 per pound, 10lbs & Up

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110-A 10lbs "A Package" Ladies Kimonos
10 Pounds Vintage Women's Kimono Robes

10 Pounds Vintage Women's Meisen Kimono


Girls Kimono
10 Pounds Vintage Girls' Kimono

110-NAG Ladies Nagajuban 10lbs Package
Pounds Vintage Women's Nagajubans
Women's Under-Kimono Robes


110-SOLIDS: 10LBS solid vintage kimonos
10 Pounds Vintage "A" Women's Kimono Robes
Solids Colors

 Lot of 5 Silk Vintage Haori Kimono Coats

110-HAORI-5: Lot of 5 Silk Haori

110-HAORI-5: Lof of 5 Silk Haori,US$95.00 plus shipping
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Lot of 5 Vintage Silk Shibori Haori (Kimono Cardigans)

110-SC5 Lot of 5 vintage silk shibori haori -SAMPLE PICTURE
110-SC5: Lot of 5 Shibori Haori, US$105.00 plus shipping



110-B: 10lbs "B Package" Cutters

Ten Pounds Vintage Japanese Long Women's Kimono Cutters:
"B Package"
US$65.00 plus shipping


110-YUKATA 10lbs vintage yukata in pile

 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Cotton Yukata, Summer Kimono

 10lbs stack ohshima tsumugi kimonos
10 Pounds Rare Japanese Ohshima Tsumugi Pongee Silk

 "C" Package Vintage Kimono Scraps, Cutters Ten Pounds Package: Remnants of All types of Fabrics, Whole and Partial Kimono Garments,  Vintage Kimono Fabric Scraps: As-Is, For Crafts, Design, Quilters, DIY, Artists,  Sewing Fabrics Supply  Catalog #: 110-C    10 Lbs (4.54Kg) @US$40.00  Plus Shipping Cost

10 pounds Package: Remnants of All types of Fabrics, Whole and Partial Kimono Garments,  Vintage Kimono Fabric Scraps: As-Is,
For Crafts, Design, Quilters, DIY, Artists,  Sewing Fabrics Supply

Catalog #: 110-C  

10 Lbs (4.54Kg) @US$45.00 
Plus Shipping Cost

D Package Grab Bag

110-D:  "Grab-Bag" 10Lbs Japanese Vintage Kimono Mixed Fabric Pieces
for Quilters, Sewing, Multimedia Artists,Crafts Supplies

Catalog #: 110-D  

10 Lbs (4.54Kg) @US$65.00 
Plus Shipping Cost

 110-MSN-H5: Lot of 5 - 1950s Meisen Haori- US$95.00

Image from wattention.com
(Image: Wattention.com)

110-MSN-H5: Lot of 5 - US$95.00
1950s Meisen Haori (Kimono Coats),  Cutters, Casual Wear

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Who is YokoDana Kimono?

Yoko Lewis, doing business as YokoDana Kimono (and Yoko Trading), has been in business as an export-import company since 1989, and online since 1998 as a wholesale Japanese recycled kimono bundles and vintage Japanese fabrics dealer. With offices in Japan and Delaware, USA -- but shipping from our Delaware USA location -- we have customers all over the world and in all 50 US states. We do not have a brick and mortar physical store. Due to COVID we no longer do in-person venues in the Northeast USA.

We sell recycled authentic traditional vintage Japanese women's kimono robes in bundles wholesale by-pound as well as traditional vintage Japanese kimono fabrics (fabric pieces & bundles of kimono scraps ); We prefer to say we sell upcycled kimonos and fabrics for artists and artisans, DIY crafters, designers, decorators,  theater troupes, kimono cosplay and kitsuke enthusiasts, quilters and other small businesses worldwide.

Our main product since 1998 is our bulk vintage Japanese women's kimono sold wholesale, packages by-pound (Used, Recycled kimono bundles,10 lbs. and up) sold on this website. We also carry antique & vintage Japanese kimono fabrics by the yard and lot, country Japanese antique textiles, and kimono accessories.


We have an office in Japan as well as our main office in Delaware USA; we ship from the USA office. See our ABOUT US page (tab) for our full story. We are happy to share the special beauty of traditional Japanese kimono, Japanese fabrics and country textiles of Japan with people all over the world via this website.  Irrashaimase -- Welcome and Enjoy!

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