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110-SAMPLER: DISCONTINUED Lot-8 Garments from Bulk Vintage Japanese Kimonos,8 Different Types

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This product has been discontinued. If/When we have it, we offer to our opt-in members. Customers who have purchased this in the past may ask to be put on a waitlist.

Vintage Japanese Kimonos Sampler Lot:
8 Different Types of Kimonos
From our Bulk Kimono Packages Collection

Lot of 1 Garment each from our Bulk Kimonos 110-Collection:

"A" Woman's, Solids, Meisen, Ohshima, Nagajuban, Cotton Kimono(Yukata), Shibori Kateigi House Coat, Girl's Nagajuban

Catalog #: 110-SAMPLER  

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 We are offering this new product for those interested in seeing what is in our various bulk kimono packages without having to buy 10lbs of each. As with all our bulk packages, we are also selling this bundle as whole-garment cutters; in bundles meant for cutting, artwork, design, DIY, crafts, etc.; as vintage (used, recycled, upcycled) kimonos;  there may be some imperfections,  slight stains, but never rag quality --  Note also that while sold as fabric supply, we have many customers worldwide who resell these in vintage and other type shops, or at events; many customers use for casual vintage wear, costume, & Anime Cosplay, etc.

To see the master list with links to all the packages represented in this lot (and others) please visit our 110 Collections Page HERE .

Included in this product lot are one (1) each of the following types:

  • 110-GNAG: Vintage Girls' Nagajuban(Under-Kimono).
  • 110-NAG:  Nagajuban, Women's Silk, Silk-Blends.

  • 110-OHSHIMA-1: Rare Amami Ohshima Tsumugi (pongee) silk kimono.

  • 110A-SOLIDS:  "A-SOLIDS" Vintage Japanese Kimono, Women's Solids-Only.

  • 110-SC-5:  5 Special Vintage Hand Tie-Dyed Shibori Haori Kimono Coats.

  • 110-CTN-YUKATAMen's, Women's, or child's cotton garment, depending on what's on-hand. 

Selections are different for every package.

$ 115.00

110-SAMPLER: DISCONTINUED Lot-8 Garments from Bulk Vintage Japanese Kimonos,8 Different Types