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110-KPCS3: 3Lbs (Avg Count 40pcs)Swatches Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk Fabric Pieces

KPCS-2: View of whole 5lbs, spread out & piles in back

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Fine Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk Fabric Swatch Pieces 

3 Pounds Bundle (Average 40 Pieces)

 Catalog #: 110-KPCS3

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 Great for quilters, crafts, designers, textile artists: We have accumulated these high-quality fine kimono silk swatch sampler pieces and make them available from time to time in addition to our other by-pound vintage kimono bundles.

These pieces are vintage silk fabric pieces taken from various Japanese vintage silk kimonos from the 1930s to 1980s; only a few silk blends. Pieces are of varying sizes, with the largest ones being one yard or so in length and various widths averaging 14 inches (17.77 cm - 35.56 cm), lengths vary from 14 inches to about 1.5yds (76.2 cm to about 1.37 m.)

There are many different motifs, all traditional Japanese designs and include sleeves, parts of kimono garments (a few collars, etc.) and there are around 40 different pieces in each 3-pound package (count varies due to different sizes pieces in each order); Sometimes we will include a few other extra fabric pieces, such as muslin or synthetic, but only if they are exceptionally beautiful; but the great majority are silk and silk blends. Mix includes some or all of these special type antique silks: kinsha, shibori, meisen, chirimen & oshima tsumugi when on hand. Count not guaranteed because it varies as each package contains differing sizes and weights of fabric; sold by weight, 3 lbs.
ABOUT THE PICTURES: Note that the pictures here are to show the great variety of patterns, designs, and colors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that each package is unique and packed at the time of shipment.  Pictures are various close-ups of a sample package, representative of the wide mix of designs, colors, and types in each 3-pound package.

$ 45.00

110-KPCS3: 3Lbs (Avg Count 40pcs)Swatches Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk Fabric Pieces