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Vintage Japanese Kimono Bundles by YokoDana Kimono



From time to time we use a waitlist for particular products. If demand is very high, and our supplies are low, we will place product(s) as members' waitlist-only; only members of our opt-in mail list are eligible to submit a waitlist request. Due to the state of worldwide shipping -- still quite challenged due to COVID -- we continue to have delays in our own procurement from our people in Japan.

If not already receiving our opt-in newsletters from yokodana.com, to learn about / sign up for our members opt-in mail list, please visit HERE.

As of June 21, 2021, the following products are on members-only wait list:


1. HOW:

To be placed on a waitlist please send an email to us ONLY at the address below (it is not a link), and, please, not via any other email of ours; please put the following in the subject field of your email message, "Wait List Request (product number)"; Please be sure to use the same email address as you used for your membership registration:

(Not a link)

2. WHEN: 

We will then notify you by email when your product is available, sending an invoice at that time. WE ASK THAT YOU COMPLETE THE ORDER WITHIN 24-48 HOURS, after which time we will offer to the next person in the queue(You will be kept in the waitlist in such cases).

For those who do not regularly check their email, if you prefer a text message instead of an email for notification, please send your  mobile device (cellphone) number with your wait list request (We will not call nor keep this number).

Thank you for your interest, patience, and understanding.

Yoko & Dana Lewis
YokoDana Kimono

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