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February 25, 2017 Yoko Lewis

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Yoko Lewis, owner of YokoDana Kimono, yokodana.com, adba Yoko Trading

In 2016 we added the integration of our website products into Facebook through a Shopify platform feature. This means simply that folks can browse and buy our products and also leave reviews about us without leaving their Facebook page. While we have our own separate unsolicited testimonials page on our site HERE we wanted to share the reviews we've recently received on Facebook about our bulk vintage Japanese kimono by-pound and vintage kimono fabrics by piece and lot.

For example, Kirsten Houseknecht wrote of her experience on YokoDana Kimono:

Awesome supplies. While they do have wearable, high quality kimono, obi, etc, their forte is kimono in damaged or worn condition that can be upcycled into quilts or wearable art.

I purchased a LARGE box of kimono, for extremely good prices, and got more than enough yardage worth to work with, plus three kimono in such good condition that i traded them to friends.

Thank you Kirsten and the others who took the time to share about their experiences with us. To see our other five star (of five) reviews please visit our Facebook reviews page HERE.

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