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March 01, 2017 Yoko Lewis

A Fashion-Lovers-Guide-to-Japan-hauteculture.com blog feb2017

Travel Blog Review #2

This is our second review of this travel blog run by someone calling themselves Donna Wanderlust -- a pen-name we're guessing. The first review we did was about her well-done (solid information and good pics) post about Geisha which we posted here on yokodana.com blog in November 2016. It had, among many others, the following picture:

old geisha pictures, from hauteculturefashion.com travelblog 2016

Blog Review Take Two:

Ms. Wanderlust is a great writer and proffers even better photography. She has captured in a pretty short space her experience while in Asia, focusing on fashion and costuming aspects of the cultures she visits. While her most recent blog post is about Vietnam (great stuff there too!), her second Japan piece, posted February 16, 2017,  tells and shows us nine reasons that fashion-lovers should visit Japan, starting with this --

Hands down, Japan was by far the most brilliant, bewildering and beautiful destination for studying fashion during my 12 month adventure around Asia. Aside from the fantastic food, majestic monuments and interesting etiquette, there was a conglomerate of contemporary and cultural fashion around almost every corner....

Gorgeous Geisha, pretty kimono’s, surreal street styles and traditional textiles are just some of the material motives that make Japan a MUST SEE destination for anyone interested in fashion and style around the world. Here’s my top 9 reasons why every fashion lover should visit Japan!!

Geisha dancing in Japan: source hauteculturefashion.com

 She covers the following topics, with great pics and videos included: 

  • Geisha
  • Kimono
  • Sensational Shopping (including what to do in Harajuku fashion district)
  • Lolita
  • Sub-culture Street Styles
  • Traditional textiles
  • Ridiculous Robots
  • The Theatre
  • Temple Ceremonies

What we like most about this well-done travel blog is the way that it gives equal coverage to traditional and contemporary developments within the modern culture. We confess to have a weak spot for good and distinctively different (not just the same old same old Japan) pictures, but something which gives us a sense of the richness and depth of our home culture Japan. The fact that her focus in Japan is often on kimonos and related textiles also endears her to us. So thanks Ms Wanderlust -- even if that's not your real name [smile].

To visit the Fashion Lovers Guide to Japan please click | touch HERE.

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