Spring Parade of Kimono: University Graduates (TokyoBling Blog, 2012)

April 07, 2021 Yoko Lewis

 Interesting use of hakama....and boots!

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The college school year in Japan ends in March. We recently came across pictures of graduates from Nihon Daigaku (Japan University) in a blog from tokyobling.wordpress.com, from May, 2012. Thought our visitors might enjoy seeing how Japanese youth of today adapt their use of traditional kimono wear(kitsuke).(scroll down for more....)

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 Here's a brief excerpt from that blog:

Posted in "Japanese Traditions, People, Places" by tokyobling on May 24, 2012:

In March, the traditional month for all university graduations in Japan, I happened to be in Tokyo’s Kudanshita district, just near the Budokan in the Kitamaru Koen. This was the big day for all students at Nihon Daigaku, the biggest university in Tokyo and in Japan with almost 70 000 undergraduate students. The graduation ceremony had ended and hundreds of the most wonderfully dressed young women paraded past me, of course I had to snap a few photos! The traditional graduation dress of women in Japan consist of the kimono over which a hakama is worn, the trouser like skirt also often worn by martial artists. It’s a gorgeous combination! To this form of kimono, it is common to wear boots of the 1920’s era rather than the more traditional sandals....

To see the full blog, many more great photos and some comments to the blog, 

visit TokyoBling's blog page HERE.

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