2020 Olympics Closing Ceremony Highlights Fashionable Use of Hakama

August 09, 2021 Yoko Lewis

This past spring(2021) we posted a blog about the trend among young college-aged Japanese women to wear women's hakama over a formal kimono at graduation time and other special occasions.

Hakama with kimono, new fashion grads
hakama-bijin.com, zori and boots w/hakama
(Above image: hakama-bijin.com)
During the closing ceremonies of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics we were surprised - and pleased - to see this fashion trend among young women in Japan being showcased as part of the final ceremonies . Below we share pictures of  Olympics kimonos-with-hakama from various public media sources (also, note the footwear types):
2020 Tokyo Closing olympics, hakama-kimono
modern use of hakama with kimono women
Below: Other Types of Kimono on Display During 2020 Olympics Closing Ceremonies
2020 Tokyo Olympics, Other Kimonos
Yukata Kimono at 2020 Olympics Close
Lastly, as we discussed in our 2021 spring blog about this use of hakama, we now see young women sporting a wide variety of footwear with them, to include short ankle-high boots, tall boots, platform types, even sneakers, in addition to other modern or retro/vintage shoes. 

And, FYI, here at YokoDana Kimono (yokodana.com), we have our folks in Japan looking for some of these vintage women's hakama for possible addition to our web store collection. To keep apprised of news of this and other changes to our website, we recommend signing onto our members opt-in mail list HERE.

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