7740: 1980s Deadstock Vintage Japanese Tsumugi (Pongee) Kimono Silk, 62in.Piece

7740:1980s Tsumugi Pongee, 62in.

Catalog# 7740

1980s  Deadstock Japanese Textiles:
  Tsumugi Pongee Silk Kimono Fabric Piece

Light and Dark Blues, peach, fuschia, grays & other colors
fine mesh threads are interwoven throughout

Width:14.75 inches / 37.47 cm
Length: 62 inches / 157.48 cm

US$20.00 / Piece
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Item Details and Description

This is a 1980s lightweight deadstock (new but unsold stock) tsumugi (pongee silk);   used for making a woman's kimono; this particular tsumugi is NOT an Ohshima Tsumugi(Amami), but is just tsumugi(pongee) silk from another location in Japan.

Pedigree: This is what is called deadstock -- new/never used stock, but aged.

Description: This is a predominantly dark to light blue colored fabric interwoven side-to-side(weft) with many thin  blues, off-whites/grays, and dark-pink, and mustard-yellow colored threads intermixed throughout, rendering an interesting pallet of dark blue and gray coloration; when seen up very close ( please see our last 2 close-ups here), the other colors used can be detected.

To us, the interesting nature of this weave only becomes apparent when viewed from extremely close up, seeming to be almost a micro-plaid weave; This fine weave of different colors when viewed from a distance gives off a color that is hard to label; the fabric is slightly textured to the touch; (Please see close-ups).

Colors: Please use our text color descriptions as different devices show colors and contrast differently.

Condition: EXCELLENT

Cultural Background Note about Tsumugi Silk:  From www.nippon-kichi.jp: 

Tsumugi are silk textiles woven by hand using thread collected from the floss of the cocoons.
The floss is made from debris of the cocoons and spun by hand into thread. Because the thread is called “tetsumugi ito” or “ tsumugi ito”, the textile made from the thread became to be known as tsumugi.

Tsumugi is characterized by its unique texture and dull gloss coming from subtle variations of the tsumugi threads. It is extremely durable and has been used for everyday clothes and working clothes since ancient times....

To read the rest of this page and learn more about tsumugi, please visit: www.nippon-kichi.jp .

$ 20.00

7740: 1980s Deadstock Vintage Japanese Tsumugi (Pongee) Kimono Silk, 62in.Piece