110-BOYS:Vintage Japanese Kimonos 10 Lbs Boys Silk Ceremonial Kimonos

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Vintage Japanese Kimonos:
Boys 7-5-3(Shichi-Go-San)
Ceremonial Kimono Package
Catalog#: 110-BOYS

10lbs @US$9.500/lb

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Pictures are of  sample 10lbs Boys Packages

(Each Package is Unique)

These vintage traditional Japanese kimono packages are comprised of boys-only sized ceremonial kimonos, for ages 7, 5 & 3 as those are ages when boys go to shrine to celebrate the day. They are mostly made of silk with very few mock-silk; They come in mostly dark colors, dark blue, and blacks; Most of these are still wearable and all have some sort of traditional motifs; We picture just a few of the designs you'll find on these boys kimonos.There is a wide variety of motifs used, all of them traditional and center around samurai and other things symbolic of strength, character and various historical Japanese themes. Reminder that each package is unique,not comprised of exactly as the pictures shown here, but all of like or better quality and type.

These are whole garments and can be worn informally but are also used by designers and textile artists in various ways. Please note that these are vintage so they may have some slight stains, imperfections and wrinkles.

This is a BY-POUND product, not based on piece-count, so there are an average of eight garments per 10lb package.


REMEMBER: We urge customers that before deciding on your first order of any of our bulk vintage kimono packages to please be sure to carefully read all the information pages, FAQs and testimonials . This saves you -- and us-- inconvenience and disappointment if you order without a full understanding of these products.

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110-BOYS:Vintage Japanese Kimonos 10 Lbs Boys Silk Ceremonial Kimonos