Appraisals: YokoDana Kimono Policy & Resources

Requests for Appraisals:

  • YokoDana Kimono's Appraisal Policy & Appraisal Resources:

The demands of our business make it impossible for us to offer appraisals of Japanese antiques or kimono/textiles remotely at this time. Depending on the item, we recommend contacting Christies for information on appraisals (or auction sales) of finer Asian textile arts or antiques. Also, there are a growing number of professional appraisal services appearing on the internet: Here's a recent Duck-Duck-Go Search (our preferred search engine) on how to get appraisals for antiques

Also, you can get a sense of current values on things by checking what they're getting on eBay.com or Etsy.com, though this can vary greatly depending on what's 'hot' and time of year.

  • Other Portals and References for Japanese Sources:

For information on Japanese manufacturers etc, please visit our links page and scroll down till you see Japan Reference and JETRO links. There are many links to various portals, forums and websites throughout our recommended links page.

  • Please keep in touch about your appraisal experience:

If you use any of the sites we list on our site and have a positive (or negative) experience, we would appreciate hearing from you, so we can pass on your recommendation to other visitors. 

  • Are you looking to sell us something? 

Thank you for considering us but if you are asking us if you can sell us something, sorry, but we only procure from our sources in Japan.

Yoko Lewis
YokoDana Kimono