Vintage Japanese Kimono Bundles from YokoDana Kimono (yokodana.com)

Authentic Bulk Vintage Japanese Kimonos, 10 pound Bundles

What is this page?


We first started selling our wholesale bulk vintage Japanese kimono bundles by pound in 1998. Since then we have gradually added considerable information to help prospective customers decide if our bulk kimono packages are for them.

Each year since 1998 we have fielded many questions from site visitors and customers, and by 2022 have ended up with quite a bit of reading material about our bulk vintage kimono bundles. We find that customers can avoid disappointment by having a full understanding of the bundle products prior to committing to ordering. Since many of our customers are artists, designers, quilters, tailors, textile artists and many other creative artisans, they tell us it helps to have so much detailed information.

As a result, since we have added  so many various information pages about our kimono bundles on yokodana.com, we thought it would be helpful to add links to them here on a separate page as a courtesy:

If you still have questions, please contact us through the contact tabs on every page of our website.
Yoko Lewis