Accessories: Japanese Kimono Himo Ties Information Page

1 dozen haori-himo, sample views, request your set

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 Where We Sell Accessories:

We sell a variety of accessories but mostly at our in-person venues. Most of our accessories are hand-crafted in Japan by Yoko's sisters Honami Nakashima and Fumi Sakanashi, both of whom are professional level seamstresses. Honami is a master-level kimono maker for over 30 years, the other, Fumi, is an award-winning quilter in Japan.  Yoko also makes some of these accessories throughout the year for sale at our venues.

We take our vintage kimono fabrics and make a wide variety of things, to include: masks, scarves, mufflers, hair ties and pins, kanzashi, bags, purses, hangings, pin cushions and and decor pieces. These we sell exclusively at venues.

 We collect haori-himo (also called kumi-himo), the woven small ties for decorative securing of haori (short kimono coat), and sell them by special order from our website. We sell these in minimum lots of 12 for US$20.00 - $28.00, seasonally; Shipping to USA under 4 pounds is free.=

 We occasionally have available used vintage silk obijime(cords),
sold in lots of 5 for US$28.00 (USA shipping included).

Sample Below:
5280-1 lot of five obijime


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Sample Pictures of YokoDana Kimono's Accessories: Haori-Himo

1 dozen haori-himo, sample views, request your set


Above: SAMPLE --One Dozen Pairs of Vintage Silk Braided Himo US$28.00 (sale:$22)

SAMPLES Close-ups below:

sample YokoDana Kimono haori-himo, closeup 

sample YokoDana Kimono haori-himo, closeup
haori-himo, closeup 2

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Men's & Jewelry Himo:

We occasionally -- but less often -- get men's haori-himo and more decorative jewelry himo when sorting through our bulk kimono packages. Below pictures are representative of the type and quality we sell.

 Ladies' Jewerlry Himo

jewelry himo HH1011

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Men's Formal Himo;

 HH-MEN-1001, Man's formal haori-himo (ties)

To check with us to see if we have any of these on hand, please just  send us a message HERE