John Marshall: Expert in Japanese Indigo Dyeing has new book Singing the Blues

August 17, 2018 Yoko Lewis

Singing the Blues book by John Marshall
Do you love traditional Japanese textiles? Particularly things like indigo-dyed pieces such as Katazome and Tsutsugaki? Well if so, one of the world's renown experts in this is found in Mendocino County, California.
We know that many of our customers rave about the work of John Marshall, an American, who for over 30 years has mastered traditional Japanese dyeing techniques such as Katazome and Tsutsugaki. His latest book -- just published in July 2018-- is titled:

"Singing the Blues, with John Marshall as Your Guide"
At the top of the cover it says: " Soulful Dyeing For All Eternity" .
(Note: We poked around and found that John used "Soulful Dyeing For All Eternity" as a by-line for one of his past books as well.)
So if you're interested in natural indigo dyeing techniques in the Japanese tradition you might visit his website at www.johnmarshall.to . 
He offers workshops, presentations, supplies and educational information.
For details (and plenty of them) see his site map HERE. 

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