What is this? Facebook Forum Query -- Introducing Kateigi House Jacket

November 10, 2018 Yoko Lewis

What is this? (Jinbei?)
Came across the above on a Facebook group for Kimono Sellers, asking what it is. Since we have these fairly often, and have one on hand now, thought we'd put up a brief reply.
This is called a Kateigi, or, in katakana, 'ho-mu-ko-to" (home coat); we might call it a home or work jacket for women. It resembles jinbei, but those are traditionally work jackets for men (more recently, now can be uni-sex work jackets); Jinbei have a different, more rectangular, cut to the sleeves.
Here at yokodana.com we have fabric for making a Kateigi  and show below the label and instructions for three variations for making a traditional woman's kateigi :

Kateigi - housecoat
The three large kanji (Japanese characters) in center of the label are, literally read: KA - TEI-GI (Ka = house/home, Tei = garden, GI = wear (same character read as 'ki' as in 'kimono'). Together, the label translates as a 'home coat'(bottom right katakana script), or in English, "House coat/jacket"; Katei itself translates to "household, family, home(of a family)".
BELOW:  Three options for making a kateigi, from back of label.
kateigi- pattern #1
kateigi- pattern #2
kateigi- pattern #3

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