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October 01, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Japan-guide.com map of japan
Map of Japan (Japan-Guide.com)

Festival in Japan (japan-guide.com picture) historic sites in Japan (japan-guide.com picture)Pop culture(manga) in Japan (japan-guide.com picture) Shopping in Japan (japan-guide.com picture)
Shrine in Japan (japan-guide.com picture) Temples in Japan (japan-guide.com picture)
(Pictures: Japan-Guide.com 2016)

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We first learned of Japan-Guide.com some years ago when we joined their mail list. Over the years since 1997 they have evolved into a top quality modern web site with great visuals and easy to navigate layout. It is chock full of relevant and timely information and is kept current with considerable traffic and use of the site.

Japan-Guide.com is intended for multiple audiences: First, travelers (especially useful for planning a trip to Japan), Second, Non-Japanese residents in Japan and Third, people seeking current information on Japan. They have detailed information of all sorts for specific destinations(see map above), as well as the following categories:

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