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September 30, 2016 Yoko Lewis

web-japan.org, Trends in Fashons, From article on Japan Blue, traditional and new
Above: "Japan Blue", from article on web-japan.org, full article HERE.
From time to time we visit several of the high quality Japanese portal sites (links found on our links resource page here) which serve as great sources for learning not only traditional things,but also to inform us of recent developments in Japan. Web-Japan.org is one we often use.
 We came across their 'Trends and Fashion' section and an article (with a lot of nice pics) on the subject of  Japan Blue (Indigo) caught our eye. It has good info on how the indigo is used in traditional Japanese crafts and art, but then goes on to talk about some things being tried using indigo in modern Japan. We thought our site visitors might like to read this.
It starts like this:

Advances merging traditional techniques and new ideas:

Indigo dye is a traditional Japanese staining technique. Recently however, advances are being made by merging the old and new, including the use of rich indigo tones for stylish fashion combinations and interior design. Indigo dye—which creates more beautiful tones with use—has not only taken root in Japan, but is also renowned around the world as ‘Japan Blue.’

from web-japan.org picture:Fashion show using indigo dye © AM MODEL AGENT

Picture: Fashion show using indigo dye © AM MODEL AGENT (web-japan.org)

To read the entire article and see more pics please visit web-japan.org, full article HERE To see our  many other recommended sites on all things Japanese see our links resource page here.


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