Blog Review: Kimono Contemplation (wearing a kimono/kitsuke) Are You a Jedi or Priest?

October 04, 2016 Yoko Lewis

blog image, kimonocontemplation

We have been following --and have posted a couple things on our blog about-- the topic of 'cultural appropriation' as far as non-Japanese wearing kimono goes (search 'reddit' in our site search to see all relevant posts on this topic  from our blog). Our interest in this topic was piqued by a Reddit post last fall when there were protests at a kimono exhibit in Boston. This blog, kimonocontemplation fits nicely into that topic of conversation. Surely of interest to our Kitsuke followers.

We have been following this blog for about a year. While the author does not post often, we find his posts very interesting. The most recent post is titled Are you a Jedi, or a Priest?. He is an ethnomusicologist college professor who also plays the shakuhachi and he started a blog of his reflections on his life wearing kimono daily (in USA). As we read this, he is very respectful and well-informed, and his posts have a nice mindfulness theme to them. For those non-Japanese wearing kimono you surely would want to read his blog.

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